Rip out old fireplace put in electric

DIY_GUY_419October 25, 2012

We have a huge family room, 17x25. It has a high ceiling, about 17 ft i believe,

Any how, there is a wood burner fireplace in it that I just don't use and would rather have gas.

It used to have a 20 inch high hearth in front of it (I ripped it out),

We want to put in a gas fireplace at ground level, built into the wall.

I made a sketch up, sorry using MS Paint. And I think the dimesions maybe off. But anyhow, what do you guys suggest?

How much are we looking at?

I was at a local Fireplace store and he showed me some electric fireplaces as well that you can run with a 240w line. Anyone try those?

Should we go direct vent, or b-vent?

Waiting for all your awesome replies!

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Are you looking for simple ambiance or real heat producing capabilities?

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Ambiance. I know the heat output Is weak. I was wondering What everyone's opinion is. Should we go with no mantle? What kind of face should we put around the fireplace, if any?

Any input would be helpful.

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The more info you provide the better the answers you will receive.
As in what style is your home, the room, the lifestyle you lead? A cottage style home would have a far different aesthetic than a modern.

Also, this is the Landscape design forum- I'd suggest that you head over to home decorating where there is no scarcity of opinion :)
Link below-

Here is a link that might be useful: Home decor forum

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Proportions matter, and the tiny little box you show is out of proportion to the size of the room. It has the proportions of a wall heater in a bathroom, small and insignificant. A fireplace should have some degree of presence if you desire ambience. Even a very modern and minimalist fireplace will have more visual impact than your sketch implies.

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Hi there, if you want really strong supplemental heat, I would go for an infrared electric fireplace, they usually provide more heat than a regular electric fireplace. You can get a larger insert, say 33", and get it with a trim kit to answer your question about what kind of "face" you want to put around it. Hope that helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Electric Fireplace Inserts and Trim Kit Bundles

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