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fouquieria(10b)October 10, 2010

Putting another path in. The property consists of the lot the house is on, the two lots at the same level but north of it and a fourth lot that lies at the bottom of the hill just west of the lot next to the it's basically T-shaped, with the three lots that form the top of the T, at the top of the hillside.

Anyway, I posted on here about 4-5 years ago a path I built that went diagonally down mostly the middle, undeveloped lot. Now I'm adding another path that goes up the lot farthest from the house. All this stuff is primitive and the hillside is steeper than the photos present. Each step is about four feet from the next. I've got eight steps finished and another five to do.

I started planting this area with cycads, yuccas, agaves, dasylirions, etc. but it got too difficult to access for this aging body. Hopefully this path will help.


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You should add rich root bush to resist steep hillside drought.add rock decrease mud lose,sand stone is useful on the step when it rain.

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tibs(5/6 OH)

You have been doing a lot of work there. Post pictures when done and planted. It's going to look great. Some times it is hard to keep the vision in your mind when your back and eveything else is killing you.

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Thanks ideasshare for showing the potential.

I'm having a couple of the weaker Eucalyptus taken down at the top of the hill. Two quotes in already for the exact same job and a difference of $280. Why such a disparity? Always get at least three quotes.


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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

I remember your posts from 4 or 5 years ago. You have a very nice garden in a very difficult situation. You sure have picked the plants and their location very well.
I am also retired and the work gets harder and the slopes get steeper, but it's still fun. The sense of accomplishment makes it worthwhile.
The path you are working on must take a lot of determination. I just finished one this summer on a steep slope, but not near as long as yours. I will take a picture in the next few days when I get home from Florida and post it. I was in San Diego two weeks ago. Love the area.

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