Wearing fur...

mamacotti(6)November 10, 2004

Hi, all! I'm just wondering what everyone's different opinions are on wearing fur...not trying to start anything here, just polling! It's a discussion that has come up around here a bit lately...

So, your thoughts? Do any of you have, or would you wear mink, fox, beaver, etc? Or your wives?

I'll be the first one to say...heck, yeah! I would, I think...


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I would. I don't, but I would. I especially like shaved beaver. My great aunt owns a fur shop in Skaneateles (a very small touristy town near Syracuse). It's just so soft. And it's not obnoxious looking. It's actually quite beautiful. But soft.
And my father has an on going fight with beavers. So it definately would not bother me.
Don't really like the looks of the rest, so it's not even an issue.

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Pipersville_Carol(z6 Bucks PA)

Tough question.

I'd probably wear fur from animals that were humanely farm-raised and slaughtered. I'd never wear fur from wild animals that were leg-hold trapped.

And I'd choose a coat made from the pelts one or two large animals, such as sheep, over a coat that required the death of many smaller animals, such as minks or chinchillas.

Splitting lots of ethical hairs here, I know. I never wear it anyway, can't afford it.

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I would definitely wear the large animal pelts, such as sheep - I would DEARLY love to have a Karakul (curly lamb) coat, even though I have heard that the curliest pelts are from newborn lambs, which isn't so "warm and fuzzy" making. But then, I will eat duckling or farm-raised veal, so consistent, I am not!!

I agree that I would be happier with a farm-raised fur anything (coat, stole, whatever) as against a live trapped anything. BUT, for animals like nutria and now beaver, which were or have been introduced or re-introduced (the nutria in Louisiana, and the beaver in many places, esp. New England), and are now major nuisances, I would be willing to wear a coat from skins from one of them, no problem!! AS LONG AS they were trapped in a humane, rapid-kill fashion, and how can you tell that for sure, so it's a dilemma. I guess my answer would have to be a qualified, "yes, I would".

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Years ago when wearing/owning furs was very unfashionable there were lots of very nice fur coats in the second-hand clothing stores. I managed to find a few very nice ones for not very much money at all. I like them for the feel of them and they are very warm too. Unfortunately, I don't have the occasion to wear them all that often. Maybe they would make a good coat to wear out on the tractor! Joylene

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I knew of a woman that went to thrift stores and bought fur coats and made them into teddy bears! Infact I have one! My mother had a very old rabbit coat that was given to her and just sat in her closet. Had it turned into a teddy bear. Very cute.
And sooo soft.

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Jamie_in_Missouri(SW Missouri)

I know my wife would wear one if I were to buy it for her.

My mom has an incrediable coyote fur coat with white mink trim that I think the family will be fighting over when she dies. She also has a mink lined bomber jacket and a few others my dad has gotten her over the years.

This last weekend for some reason she gave my daughter a red fox coat that I know my dad had bought years ago for over 1K. My daughter is in heaven with it. She is an animal lover but don't mind it a bit. She however even though a tomboy to some extent likes nice things. A couple of weeks ago I heard her ask her brother who a girls best friend was? He said replied a cat. She said no, it's diamonds!


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Smart little boy he is... but he'll be date less in a few years!
Jamie you're in for a long road to hoe!

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Yes, to keep warm, if it was harvested according to fair rules. Fur's not my look though, and keeping that warm is an alien concept here in the tropics.
My mother's old fox, complete with front paws, turned up in vegetarian DD's cupboard; she was mortified! I stupidly accepted my DS's offer of her rabbit skin coat to take OS in '79; it was a 1/2 size too small and wouldn't fit in the bag. I carried the dam thing all around Europe and the UK.
And then there were the synthetic fur lined boots which I left sitting on a railway platform after all night on a crowded sitter when the friend banned me from taking them off even for a minute. Tyrant.

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cowsandchickens(z6N WV)

I personally do not have a problem with people wearing fur. I tan tame rabbit hides and make buckskin. I look at it as recycling. The man who raises and buthers rabbits for meat was throwing the hides away and the deer hides I get would have been thrown away. That being said, I do not like animals to suffer. If they are humanely killed then it is wasteful to not use the hides. This may sound crazy, but I always say a thank you to the animal's spirit or essence ( what ever you may call that thing that made them alive) for the use of the hide. It is a great reminder that everything has its place and meaning. Don't misunderstand, I am not agianst hunting or butchering for food and clothing, I just believe every thing deserves to be treated with respect while alive and given a swift and as painless a death as possible. Kind of like the "happy" meat theory of eating animals you raise. Kelli

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basilmom(z5 IN)

Fur isn't my style (don't really have a style since becoming a mom....*sigh*), but if I found something that appealed to me, I'd wear it. The chemicals used to create synthetic materials are more damaging to the planet than processing a fur or hide. I really take issue with anti-leather fanatics for that specific reason (leather is a by-productof the beef industry for the most part, and it would therefore be wasted if not turned into useful items like SHOES!).

Coincidentally, I just returned from an antique store a little while ago where there was a little girls fur coat. It was precious - I'm not in the position to buy something like that, but I would have bought it for dd if money were not an issue!

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CKC1586(5 Northern Mich)

Whew, thank goodness you folks didn't disappoint me! I skipped abeat when I saw the subject line, I thought oh no not a PETA type tone and someone admonishing the use of fur!!! (Personaly I like the accronym People Eating Tasty Animals rather than the original).
This is afterall FARM LIFE forum and I have enjoyed visiting this site and appreciate the realistic viewpoints. I do realize my city friends don't always understand the whole circle of life, we farm you eat, etc. and I try to be considerate of thier lack of understanding.
All that being said, heck yes I would wear fur!!

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First, these posts have been the most responsible and thoughtful comments I have ever seen on the topic. My family is in the fur business -- thus I have happened upon many such forums threads, debating the merits of fur. It is refreshing to read your various comments, all reasonable and intelligent.

The fur criticisms I most take issue with are:
FURS ARE WORN BY RICH LADIES JUST TO "SHOW OFF". I respond that maybe a reason for someone (man or woman) to wear a fur coat -- other than to fight the cold -- just might be to "dress up" rather than "show off." There is a distinction. I remember back in the 50's and 60's how my mother would dress beautifully with classy jewelry, nice shoes, a pretty dress and her mink coat. This was not because she wanted to show off, but because in those days it was EXPECTED to dress nicely in many situations. She loved and treasured that coat and kept it for many years. Do you remember how we used to dress for a show, or to travel, to attend church, or just for a party? Nowadays many of those occasions have given way to denims, fleece, and grunge. Not that it's totally a bad thing, but we really have forgone our sense of style as a society - and I mourn that loss.

The second argument that I object to is the phrasing "TORTURE OF INNOCENT ANIMALS".
Without getting into a major dissertation, most North American and European fur farmers adopt strict adherence to their national veterinary society's standards for the raising and harvesting of their livestock. Plus more state agencies are now supervising the day to day operation of these farms. No fur farmer is dumb enough not to provide the best food and environment for the investment that will provide his livelihood. Not to deny that there are malpractices in fur farming elsewhere in the world, I only suggest that shoppers research and demand that the fur coat they consider is produced under humane standards. Finally don't get me started on the anti-fur "torture videos" one can find on YouTube and the like. Most are quite old, from different countries, and many filmed for the purpose of torturing animals on camera to promote their agenda. Very sad.

So mamacotti, yes we wear our furs, proudly and with much respect for the animals and the workmanship that made our coats. Whether you wear a vintage coat or a new one -- you're still wearing a fur. Your decision whether to do so is still the same. It's your call.

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

I am a hunter education instructor and like to do things for myself. When we hunt, we use everything. Meaning, when I get a deer or coyote, the skin gets tanned. When I find a roadkilled fox, the skin gets tanned. It is a way of preserving the natural beauty of the animal. On our "farm" we aim to use everything we can to the best of our ability. Hell yes I would wear fur, or leather, for that matter. People that are against it for PETA or other personal reasons are the same people who will not pluck a chicken. So many people who are against wearing fur are also against hunting. Well, it's better to harvest a deer (if you are lucky enough) than to kill it with your car. So many are opposed to hunting or wearing fur for ethical reasons and don't consider that to not use the animal arbitrarily is wasteful. Fur is beautiful.

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Fur is beautiful and warm. I like mink, fox, fitch, coyote.

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