New tool for making trails/cutting firelines/clearing bushes

SimlhawkOctober 5, 2012


Hawk Designs has came up with a new tool that attaches to a chainsaw and chews right through most shrubs and grass. This project has been developing for several decades and is almost complete. The tool is called the Hawk Power Scalper and it is almost ready to move on to the next stage. After years of research and development, Hawk Designs is preparing to move on to selling the product in both the USA and Canada first through, then later through their own website.

With the motor (We use Husqvarnas most of the time) the set-up weights about 24 pounds. The tool itself weight about 10 pounds.

The tool would cost about 1000$. It works similar to a rototiller. It is designed to eradicate biomass on top of mineral soil. It can essentially make its way through any weeds/grass/shrubs where the stems are a maximum up to an inch thick. Presently it is being used for making trails for recreational purposes, and for making fire line trails for back-firing purposes. It is also being used for vegetation control where it is not appropriate to use chemicals to fight weeds.

Before Hawk Designs moves on to the next stage, it needs to figure out what it's market is. That's where I come in, I am in charge of either shutting down the project or giving it the green light.

It was originally developed for screefing: going to deforested cut blocks and cleaning out all the shrubs, weeds, grass and moss to allow tree planting in the area. This gave the trees a better chance to survive due to the reduced competition.

The tool is made to fit on either Stihl or Huskvarna chainsaws. The tool has been proven to quickly and effectively tear through bushes (such as blackberry and raspberry bushes), any type of grass, weeds, moss and more.

This is very useful for: Construction, cutting fire lines, creating trails (for biking, hiking, quadding ect), screefing and just general maintenance.

I created a survey right here, so I can determine whether people want it or not.:

The survey's only purpose is to determine it's marketability. We wanted to know if people would buy a product like ours if it was available, we are not yet interested in revealing every detail. This survey is a preliminary survey.

If enough interest is generated, we will follow this up with another survey that includes a video of the product in action.

Thanks for your support!

Here is a link that might be useful: The Survey

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"we are not yet interested in revealing every detail."

It doesn't look like you are interested in releasing ANY details from which a person could decide if such a device is practical or not. So how could a "survey" carry any weight? You might as well say that you'll be selling magic wands.

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