The recycled tire fence

donna37April 5, 2005

These are the big truck tires we got from Jamie, he just used one row of tires for this part

Using the smaller car tires he put two rows. He still has work to do on them, by reinforcing with more wire to hold them in place. The post are big cedar tree stumps


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Donna, I have never seen these before. Where did you get the idea. What a great recycling. Looks like it would be particularly good for horses or anything that shouldn't
be next to barbed wire.

Thanks for posting.

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DH wanted to fence off that section and was going to buy some cattle panels, and decided, heck he had some tires so he dreamed up the idea of using them. We had plenty of old tires lying about. Then Jamie said he had some we could have, so we have hauled 3 trailer loads from his place, last one today.

Neighbors started stopping by to see what he was doing with all those tires and they brought us a couple of loads.

After doing that section, he has done another section between the old garden space and the horse pasture. They seem to be doing the job and putting useless tires to use.

He has brought 8 big tractor tires down to the shop, cut them out at the top and filled them with composted manure so I can plant in them. It's been tire mania the past few weeks here.

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Stupid question time. :) How do you get them to stay in place?

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He had a couple of strands of barb wire strung between the big cedar posts and tied the tires to it. He just used baling twine for now to see how it would work and is going back with some wire.
Our cattle just love going thru barb wire fences,especially the baby calves, so tho't this would deter them and not have to put up but a couple strands of wire and reuse the piles of tires lying around.
Seems like living down a gravel road, we are always replacing tires.

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sweetgreen(z5 MI)

Another stupid question time :) Are you worried about water collecting in the tires and becoming mosquito breeding grounds?

The fences look really cool though, and it's doubly nice that it is both recycling and functional.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Here's what I'd do. Paint directly or make signs of point values on various tires and let the grandkids or kids toss rocks or bean bags through tires from a 'throwing zone.' Good clean outdoor fun. You get them out of your hair for a bit, they get exercise, target practice, learn to take turns, keep score etc etc. The tires get a third use in their little rubber lives!

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They have holes drilled in the bottom to let water drain out.

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