Where can I get the equipment to create a fountain

nardell2002October 20, 2011

I have a pond in my backyard and I would like to decorate it with some kind of water fountain. Can anyone tell me where to buy the equipment to create a pond fountain?

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I hear that Neiman Marcus is having a fire sale on fountains.... if you happen to have $1,000,000 on the side.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fountain from Neiman Marcus

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

McCormick Place, Chicago's big expo center, has (or at least used to have) programmed fountains in front of its main (?) entrance. There were some inside too. Unfortunately, the last time I saw them they weren't all working properly.

Spent many a stressful hour there over the years, wandering through exhibit halls.

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We have used this company for our swimming pool fountains - high quality nozzles
I like the adjustable swivel heads. makes adjusting the arc a pc. of pie.
http://www.fountaincomponents.com/c-20-cascade-fountain-nozzles.aspx From Pools From Pool and Garden Project - The Napa Valley From Water fountains in the landscape

For rain curtains we use Oreq. ( it use to be called Custom Cascades) stilll good quality and prices. The unit shown below came with a LED strip light in the plexi glass. It is not illuminated in this photo.
From San Francisco Garden Show 2008

This uses a simple bubbler. Parts can be found at a local hardware or irriagation store. I suggest a ball valve to adjust water flow. The water comes out the top of the swirl and cascades down.
This wasnt a project that I designed . I was one of 3 sculptors who work on the project.
It is a public piece.
From Water fountains in the landscape


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I love the look of any moving water in the landscape but what I hear is not always calming. To me, a strong cascade sounds like a horse peeing, a dribble is some poor fellow with a bad prostate and a drip means I have to fix the kitchen sink. Bubblers though are a heavenly noise to me. I really appreciate the design of that last fountain of yours, d-d - visual, aural and probably tactile as well.

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I hear ya.
Personally I like a little bit of sound in a water feature. Just enough to provoke the senses in a calming way - not in a 'get me to a toilet way' .

This water feature below uses bubblers and has had the dubious distinction of being called a bidet . I can see that. From Water fountains in the landscape

Part bidet and part sprinkler - this bubbler offer subtle noise.
From Sculpture For S.F. Project.

My all time favorite water feature is not located out door but in the swanky bathrooms of Bardessoano Resort in Yountville CA.
LINK - http://www.bardessono.com/photo_gallery.php#../images/photo_gallery/1.jpg
By the photo of the control panel below can you tell that I was inspired when designing the oudoor bidet water sculpture ?
You never know where inspiration will strike.
Such an exciting array of options !
And the seat was heavenly warm. From Napa Valley Day Trip

Neorest : Toilets for the rich and famous who like to pamper their butts.

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That looks exciting michelle although I might have to pass on the oscillating option.

A trick I have used on water sound I borrowed from the Japanese tradition there it has a name but I can't recall it (Audric will know). What you do is bury an upturned bowl beneath the spot where the water lands. The effect is that the bowl offers an echo and this deepens the sound dispelling any pee pee urges. Another trick if the water runs under a bridge or some other cover is to place copper pipe across the flow.

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Was Suikinkutsu the Japanese name? Geez guys you're making me hungry for a water feature even tho I don't have an appropriate spot for it! (High up on a sand dune, no natural bodies of water found here. Folks living downhill have all those lovely natural ponds and streams, tiny watermills and whatnot, but then they also have mosquitos). Maybe I'll set up a shower, my hose offers 4 nozzle options, one of them has to feel good...

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

timbu, I saved a link the last time suikinkutsu was discussed. One of those lovely garden ideas I'll never get around to doing....

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Thanks Missing! My husband's into constructing weird music-making gadgets, this could be his next project!

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