Show us your babies

Happy2BeeME(4a NH)May 16, 2008

Come on everyone let's see who is hanging around the barn yard these days.

I'll go first.

These are my 2 Haflingers....Sage & Joby Jingles.

Sage is going to be 5 years this month. I got her at 4 months old as a present from my husband. Joby will be 2 years this September. I got him at 4 months old too. He was a christmas present last year from my husband. (This year I got a new Trail Blazer). This is why his middle name is Jingles, you know like jingle bells, christmas....

Here are a few of the barn kitties

Our Beagle Dalton who has to stay tied :( because he has a beagle nose that takes him all over 3 counties if we let him loose. He is watching the birds on the feeder.

and our cat Avery sunning himself in the window. Avery is a rescue kitty and enjoys life mostly in the house. He isn't part of the "Barn Gang"...

Can't wait to meet your babies and hear all about them.


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Here's a painting of my rooster, Henry and one of his girlfriends.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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our pony

our pony and her foal

my Tenn. Walker filly Spitfire and TW mare Glory

my tw stallion

I love to show them off!

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brdldystlu(5b Mo)

Ok here is Mystic being such a good girl with the baby barn kitties.

My son Curtis with his two pups and my two dogs enjoying the great open spaces.

The pond is not just for fishing

we don't have livestock yet, we just bought this place a while ago and am doing major fix ups of the house. We are going to do a bit of hunting this year I am sure, well I hope.


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Great pics!
Thanks for sharing.

I grew up on a farm and miss it.


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