Need help to Id these chickens

ttamberineOctober 31, 2006

I bought these two from a man that said he thought they were just mix breed chickens. I thought they were a pair with the one with the greyish silver beard being a male. They stood apart from the others always staying to themselves. Well today I find him in the coop layin an egg so much for assuming. The egg is bluish green in color. They are bigger than a bantam and smaller than normal size chickens.Now I am curious as to what they really are. Any one out there has a clue to what breed are breeds they may be?


Tammie D


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If they are laying a greenish egg, I am betting they are an Araucana cross. My Araucana is smaller than the others, unfortunately she only lays a very dark egg with speckles. I did so want the greenish ones.

Whatever they are, they are pretty little things.

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