Here is another view, not a pretty picture...

lesli8(8TX)October 3, 2005

Here is another view, not her best side forward, but it does show a more accurate view of her tummy.

Image link:

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Makes my back hurt just looking at her. Keep us updated.

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(c; Doesn't it now? Well she would not leave her pen this morning so Rich just locked her back up, said there was some wet stuff....? He was supposed to check her at lunch, haven't heard yet...

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Lesli...any babies yet?

By the way...I've had to get a new email address. I tried to email you back, but it keeps being returned to me. Same with Carla,and Duane...

I just changed my address on GardenWeb, so try to email me through there, and see if it works. I can RECIEVE through Earthlink, but can't send from them.

Moving is tough...Suzie

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Well, not yet )c; She is way more swollen than she was a few days ago, and her bag is bigger. My father says that some will show signs for a month some a few days and some won't even show any signs just show up with a baby. So? Who knows, very frustrating.

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erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)

When was she bred? Do you have an estimate? Seems like she's be prego forever!
Is she bred to a Jersey bull? Can't wait to see pics of the new bambino soon! Pray for a heifer calf.

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Well, I am thinking that she must of bred the day we bought her and (around the first of March) picked her up!!! LOL She was running with a bull so we kinda assumed that she at least would have bred back when they took her calf and sold it. But my dad said perhaps she was not in good condition so she didn't breed back till-- like when we bought her. He said not to worry about her, she is in great condition now, even right through our 106 degree days she stayed fat as a butter ball. Dad said he can't believe she stayed looking so good, since Jersey's always look like they are starving to death especially in the heat. But that is the Guernsey part of her I guess. Everything I have read says that crossing them with Guernsey really toughens them up for hotter regions.

She is bred to a Charolais. Really, should be ANY day now, I can't wait either. I told my aunt I bet that Daisy (cow) wishes we really would get a few more cows so we would stop worrying her to death. She is doing great considering she was just a pasture cow. She does seem to like the attention and getting fed daily.

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erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)

Have you had the vet out to check her? The vet was at our place when I was waiting for the last 2 heifers to freshen LONG after the others. Vet checked her and said she'd go any day. Well, she went about 2 weeks later, but at least I knew she was okay. EAsed my mind a bit. Vet will be able to tell just how far along she is.
I don't think Jerseys look thin. I've been aroudn them my entire life and never thought that... that is until we now have beefers. Now they look thin standing next to the pigs that we call beef cows!

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Well, the vet saw her and checked her out a few weeks ago and thought everything was good, He did the TB and brucelosis tests and of corse they were both negative. I think it is coming soon, I think it is simply that she was a pasture cow that ran with bull and there was no reason for the owner then to worry, or pay attention to breeding just took them as they came. We on the other hand have no other cows and are a little too worried about this one. She wishes we would get a life!! Driving her crazy I think. Well, I guess jerseys are not really thin, but you know their frame work always shows more bones than the beefers. I have to admit I like to look at a fat cow, very well conditioned. I don't want anyone thinking I am starving her. She gets all she wants of hay/grass, and I am now increasing her feed, I have been worried about letting the baby get too big. My suggested we didn't feed her any sweet feed till after the baby, he changed his recomendation when I reminded him that she was going to be a milk cow and was still in training. We keep her on a regular schedule and feeding her in her milking chute is part of her routine. He raises beef cows, likes to see them fat too, but is wary of calves getting too large for easy delivery.

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still no baby, but has she got some jugs on her now!! Her bag is huge, and I don't think it will be long... (C; yeah right!! just about giving up...

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Did you post pictures of the baby yet? I can't find them.

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erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)

You can click on her link in her 1st post... there is one picture there.

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