FINALLY!!!! birth announcement! (c;

lesli8(8TX)October 24, 2005

Well we just got a little bull (I think-haven't got to look him over really good yet) yippey it is over!! looks healthy, eating already, she is ok, delivered afterbirth completely and ate it all already, sigh ... glad it is over!!! Now for the real work...

Image link:

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My goodness, that calf better nurse his mama before she explodes! He's such a big boy! Gonna be a monster if he drinks all that milk, too. I hope you plan on taking some for yourselves! Congratulations!

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He looks like a huge calf. Isn't he half grown already?????

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Just a couple of hours old, perhaps it is the angle of the camera, he might go 75 pounds, but I'd say 65 lbs. ? maybe I am way off? Not like a full beef calf, but not tiny though.

We went back to the cow pen to check on everybody and they are doing great. She really loves him and talks to him a lot. Never noticed a Mama talking to baby that much before. Hubby said he never noticed it much before either. She has a completely different voice talking to her baby, kinda cool.

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erinluchsinger(z4 - Upstate NY)

I think you've already answered this question, but I'm too lazy to search for the answer...
What on earth was she bred to? his color is sooo odd. Are you going to steer him and beef him? I'm sure you're aware that Jersey bulls are the nastiest out there. But he certainly doesn't look very much like a Jersey! He is cute, though.
We steered all our bull calves (hereford/red angus), and now we're regretting steering one of them. He's huge, beautiful and very well mannered (thus far). He's all red and would probably throw red babies if bred to a red angus.
Sorry for rambling, just curious to know that little guy's lineage.

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He was bred to a charlias (sp?) And favors him the most. We probably will raise him till around 6 mos and take him to market, charlais and crosses are bringing a lot around here right now.

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Poochella(7 WA)

Congratulations on your new calf Lesli! Bet you were getting as sick of waiting as the cow. He is a little beauty. I love his mellow coloring and mom obviously adores him. Well done!

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Erin, just found out something--Our little "Buster" is actually not Charolais, but Simmental (sp?) The owner had a simmental bull before the charolais and that is what he looks like so I guess that is what he is. He didn't get the Charolais till right before we got our Daisy.

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