what breed is this hen?

Siamese(VA)November 1, 2004

I know the golden hen is a Buff Orpington, but what type of chicken is the gray hen? Any guesses? :)

Image link:

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Siamese, I don't know what breed she is, but I have a pullet that looks just like her that I bought at a week old. She has the green legs like americaunas, but no beard or tufts. Clean face...

Thoughts anyone?


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My hen has yellow skin and is just starting to get a little comb. I think she is about 6 months old now-about 4-5 mo in the pic.

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I'd say a dark Brahma... although the pic of her is not very clear.
Check out www.feathersite.com
That will confirm my prediction.

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She doesn't have feathered feet and she's more upright and slim than the Dark Brahma. I think she may be a cross of some sort (leghorn x some type of gray chicken?) I'll take a better pic of her.

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Fritopie(6 West Colorado)

silverlaced wyandotte?

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AmandaAlna(z4 ME)

i wouldn't say that this is a wyandotte. the tail is much too pronounced. wyandottes tend to have tails that slope more gradually into the body, which is fatter than on this girl, like the buff orpington/wyandotte (i'm guessing) next to her. as a 5 month old pullet, though, she could still be developing. in which case, blue wyandotte, but i doubt it. it looks like she's developing a rose comb in the picture, although it's hard to tell. i think i might see some lacing through those pixels, but it's too dull to be silver. it's more like blue. the color in general is called blue by poultry people. if her neck was darker than the rest of her, i'd say blue andalusian, but since it's not, i'm stumped as well. based on shape, i'd head towards andalusians/minorcas/hamburgs in your research.

ahem. in conclusion, it's either a blue wyandotte, a blue andalusian, some combination of the two, or something else entirely!

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Sorry I couldn't get a better pic, my camera is messed up. I've been looking through some chicken breed pictures and think she *might* be a Blue Andalusion X Leghorn. My neighbor gave her to me and most of their hens are Leghorn X's. Her comb is still growing and looks like it will fall over her eye like the Blue Andalusion-but she has yellow skin like a Leghorn.

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undercover_owl(8 Pac.NW)

Probably she's a mixed breed, but whatever she is, she's pretty!

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She Is A Silver Campine Looks Like.

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Silver penciled wayandotte, I think.
What breed is my hen?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I was wondering if you found out what kind of hen this is? My thoughts are- could be a silver penciled hamburg or campine. I agree that it looks like a leghorn cross to.

Just read over your last post, she most probably is a Leghorn cross. It doesn't matter what color the rooster or even the hen was. just look at sexlinks- the hen is black or red and the rooster can be anybody and the chicks still looking like neither the hen or rooster!

You have very beautiful chickens makes me miss my cochins!

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Nice looking hens.


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Perhaps a Pekin barred rock?

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