Flowering bushes for new garden

paulheelsOctober 8, 2011

I have the opportunity to begin a new garden at the front of my house. I have some roses planted there now, but they will get moved. I would like some suggestions on flowering shrubs. I have looked at some camellias and tea olive.

I already have some azaleas planted. I wold like to get the garden so that I have some early blooming and late bloomers. The tea olive will be for frgrance, probably my most favorite smell in the world.

If yall can provide me a little help and suggestions, I would appreciate it. My shrub knowledge is lacking.

Thank You


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Paul, can you post a picture that shows the overall space so we can see the parameters and conditions?

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

The Osmanthus fragrans is a great choice of shrub, but give it room as they get big. I'd recommend Sasanqua Camellias as a better landscape shrub than C. japonicas. Daphne odora marginata is another good fragrant early winter blooming shrub. If this garden area is dappled shade below pines, I'd also recommend using some good foliage shrubs such as Aucuba japonica variegata and foliage plants such as Mahonia lomariifolia as tall background or accent plants. For summer fragrance, I really like Trachelospermum jasminoides and mock oranges/Philadelphia spp's. Summer fragrance might be achieved with plantings of Tuberose and Lilies.

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