Flower Retaining Wall, mortar? base concrete?

friscomikeOctober 18, 2010

We recently got a quote from a landscaper that says base concrete and mortar is pointless in Texas. It will crack/heave and not last. She wants to just go down a couple of inches and shape/cut the chop blocks so that fit nice together. One, I think the price is high for such an approach, but that aside, she said it with some diligence the Bermuda can be kept out with trimming and periodic spray. She said base concrete and mortar will also not keep out the grass.

I'm not convinced that a properly done base will not last without cracking and I believe will keep out the grass. Any thoughts on the best approach?

Thanks, Mike

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I don't know about where you live but I have a couple of comments.

Bermuda grass has deep rhizomes, much like our quack grass. In order to keep it out of where you don't want it to grow, you have to put a barrier deep and wide enough to keep the rhizomes from going under it or crawling through small cracks. That barrier can be anything--stone, metal or cement.

I heard about cement basements crumbling after a while in Texas, because of the dryness of the soil. Is this true in your area?

Those are my comments and all I can add

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