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2_KatiesJanuary 2, 2013

Hi, Im looking for some creative ideas for a name for my farm. I moved here in Aug after my divorce. Its 20 acres, and really a life long dream come true! I own 5 horses, fostering a starved pony, and I have 2 boarders. Repairing the barn and putting up new fences and paddocks to be able to bring in more boarders. I also want to be able to help/foster neglegted horses/ponys when needed.
I was hoping someone out there may have some creative ideas of names to kinda express what this place means to me.
Thanks! :-)

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We named ours for our name Double B Farm
the Bs are interlocking.We have donkeys we were gonna nameit half assed,hubby didnt like that.we wanted to name freaky farm.we had a 4 legged chick born 2 butts,we had a cat that was messed up,we had a chicken take care of 2 ducks,she was a good mother.

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well,... what does it mean to you? examples, new beginning, not done yet, just starting, round two, end of the rainbow, over the rainbow, 2nd chance, at last, heavens gate, home, the list is endless. i know a person who just does basic rescue for horses that people can no longer afford to feed, lost interest and are cruel, they are old and of no practical use other then just looking at, or whatever. the drought has caused a lot of hardship for people, which causes hardship for animals. the rescue person that i speak of would get donations once in a while after people found out what she was doing. please be sure to mention to whoever you get the foster animals from that any amount of funds would be thankful. also it would'nt hurt to tell your vet what you are doing, they should be able to mention it to others and get the word out, i would think, or let you post a notice in their office . hope this helps.

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trisha_51(5 Nebraska)

We have a creek running thru our farm and used that in our name.

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There's an animal rescue place near us called Journey's End. Another place up the road a bit is called Done Moving. Both names appeal to me.

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

My mom wrote a book and in the book the name of the ranch was "Fin de Finada". The end of nothing. It's from "The Year of the Diamond Mine" by Marian Jones. It just came out this month and is available on Just thought you would like the name.

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trisha_51(5 Nebraska)

You're giving 'new beginnings' to many things. Yourself included. :)

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Miss_Kitty(6a KY)

We have a small farm - just 5 acres. We call it Jordan's Croft because "croft" is the English/Irish name for a 5 to 10 acre farm.

I think there are other names for small farms in different languages. This is a good way to put your hertitage to work.

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