Need Help with hurt chicken....

justrussJanuary 23, 2008

Hi all... I have learned alot from all of you but have yet to post.... well, now I am going to reach out to you. My son went out this morning to gather eggs and do morning feeding and found one of our 22 chicks that are about 2 months old now, bleeding above her rear end... He of course panicked and came running in to get me. When I went out to see, I really did not expect it to be bad as my son is a little drama king. Well, this time he had reason to be. We had one little chick that came with all these from Ideal Poultry with a crooked leg. We did not catch that until a few weeks later. She is very happy, they all have gotten along great and has no problems getting around at all. I am not sure how the wound got there, but when I got in there, I noticed all the other chicks were pecking at the sore and it was open and bleeding. I was running late for work and told my wife to bring her in the house and put it in a box. She seems to be fine, not acting funny still has a great appetite and drinking water. I am sure that it has to hurt but if it were not for the obvious blood and cut on her, you would not know that anything is wrong. My question is, what can I put on it to help heal and not get infected? My first initial thoughts when I found her were to put her out of her misery with her leg already being bad and all, but I know I was wrong to think that, especially since I see how well she seems to be tonight outside of that cut. Please do not critisize if I handled this wrong. I am looking for some advice and do not claim by any stretch to be a chicken expert. Thanks in advance for any help...

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you might try this site out. There is pretty much always someone online and you get quick answers.

Good Luck,


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cn-hens(z7 - Virginia)

The other birds will not leave the wound alone, especially if they can see reddened flesh. This could turn into a serious cannibalistic episode. It's important to 'hide' the wound. I would rub in some antibiotic ointment and slather on vaseline thickly to cover the wound. The other birds will not like the vaseline and hopefully will leave it alone.

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

Hi Justruss,
sorry to hear about your hurt bird, you did well to bring her inside and separate her from the group. I had a crested bird get pecked really bad a few months ago, I used a salve on her that worked great. I'm including the link below, I've also used their "pick no more" lotion, that works well for general feather picking.

The black salve helps heal the wound while discouraging others from picking at her. Hope this helps :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Rooster booster

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Hi Everyone who posted... Thanks for the help... She seems to still be doing just fine. I still have her in a box on the kitchen table... she doesnt mind... but my wife sure does.... I figure one more day until my days off when I can make a little makeshift area next to the pen where she can be isolated until the wound heals... her appetite and all is still fantastic... I talked to a friend locally who told me that just about anything you would use on a human cut would work. I used hydrogeine peroxide and some bactine spray.... and will nurse her along until it no longer has a bullseye on it for the other chicks to peck!!!
Thanks a lot... Oh by the way... I also ordered some of that rooster booster just to have in case something like this happens again....

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you can use a blood clotting product to stop the bleeding. you can find it at any pet store. I'm not sure what it's called but i'm sure if you ask an employee there, they will know what you're looking for. As for the other chicks pecking at the wound- try putting in a red lamp. i've heard that chickens will peck at red wounds so a red light will make it so that they can't see the wounds. i have never had to do that, but it sounds plausible...

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