Loose Leaf Cabbage

scarletdaisies(6)May 20, 2011


First thanks for all the help last year, moved and in another garden spot, so far so good, but still early. I was hoping to grow a loose leaf cabbage, to pick just like lettuce. I've found a few and a nice heirloom variety is Nappa Cabbage, and some found on this website:


Which ones can easily be picked like greens, Kogane? Semi heading I would assume you can pick like greens? Does Pak Choy have the same taste as cabbage? I see it advertised as the same.

Any leaf cabbage recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

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I am growing both pak choy and nappa. nappa is probably better for adding to salads raw and pak choy is probably better for some cooking or in soups & stir frys. both are excellent and fast and easy to grow.

You have to grow things to find out what you like. do not depend on other people to live your life.

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Thanks, just wanted to be sure it was picked by leaf and not head. I'll try both, would like to make saur kraut this year, but don't now how well the cabbage will grow. Definitley don't want to wait for anything to head, the bugs will eat it by then I'm sure. LOL!


Ever heard of Michihli? Does it taste like cabbage?

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laceyvail(6A, WV)

Michihli is a variety of Chinese (Napa) cabbage. You don't make sauerkraut from Chinese cabbagel; you can, however, make Kim Chi, a similar but shorter process. Neither Pak Choi nor Napa cabbage are normally picked by leaf.

If you are having trouble with bugs on your cabbage, try row covers. They provide a barrier and work great.

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bluebirdie(Z8 SF E Bay)

Laceyvail is correct. Chinese cabbage is probably not good for sauerkraut. I checked out the url and web site. Other than Kogane, I think our local supermarkets here including safeway sell those chinese cabbages and bok choi. Is there anywhere local you can buy those and taste them first before you purhcase the seeds?

Wouldn't it be nice if we can taste all the things we grow before we plant?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

It is your "picked by leaf" comment that is throwing me. Even all the varieties of Asian or Chinese cabbages are harvested by head not picked-by-leaf. They aren't "leafy greens" in the usual spinach, chard, leaf lettuce, etc. way.

As others have said they are not sauerkraut vegetables and most all of the Asian cabbages are considered much milder tasting, lacking the strong flavor associated with traditional head cabbage.


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The ultimate loose leaf cabbage is the collard. It is simply a non- heading cabbage.

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I tried Tronchuda last year from Pinetree Seeds - it did look a lot like collards, but it didn't do so well here - it was culled from this year's garden. I'm in GA and it gets pretty hot, not sure if that was a factor. It's also called Portugese Kale.

Here's the link:

Here is a link that might be useful: #6501 TRONCHUDA CABBAGE

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nygardener(z6 New York)

Savoy cabbage is worth checking out.

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