Quieting Chickens

ChickenCrazyJanuary 2, 2011

our chickens like to free range outside....lately they are making a HUGE amount of noise in the morning to be LET OUT. Not the cute chatter, or little cluck clucks... we are talking full BAWK BAWK non-stop really loud! We have one NH red, a production red, and 3 buff orpingtons... it seems to be the one NH Red and one of the Buffs who are making most of the noise.

Any ideas? We live in the country on 18 acres, but the way our road is situated everything echos! Everyone on this road lives here because it is quiet! We were told when we moved in 3 years ago "we all like quiet!"

We do also... and these LOUD BAWKS are not music to anyone's ear... their coop is insulated pretty well...should we keep them in longer? Are they bored?

Thanks for any help!

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I looked where to edit and couldn't find it??
But they do not like cabbage... in case anyone says to hang a head of cabbage... we tried the bird seed balls, but they pulled it down and then ignored it...
Any ideas to entertain them? or just keep them in later in the day?

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softmentor(z9/sunset13 CA desert)

the old saying. if you don't want a chicken to wake you Sunday morning, eat it for dinner Saturday night.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Do they stop being so loud when you let them out? My hens make lots of noise over who gets which nesting box. Other than that they don't make much noise at all. Purina makes a Flock Block which keeps them busy. My chickens love cabbage.

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One of my three hens can be very loud, so I just go out there and she will quiet down. My hens didn't like the cabbage when I first introduced it to them, and it just hung there for a few days. Then, the hens decided to try it and the cabbage was gone in no time! Give it another try. BTW, they have been noisy when they spot a cat in the yard.

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haha, speaking of cats... we have a kitten that practically grew up with our chickens since she was tiny. She goes in the aviary with the chicken just to get companionship when we're not around (and probably to avoid getting terrorized by the dog). The other day she was sittin' on some eggs... that was hillarious. The chicken don't mind her at all.
Gosh, I don't know what to say about your noisy chickens. I'm almost deaf, so they don't bother me (although my wife and neighbors say ours are not noisy at all) I do practice the deep litter method. I go around to neighbors and ask for all their leaves when they fall and store them in big bags. Also I use a shredder on branches and fill the aviary floor with a thick layer of this stuff (about 10 inches. Then I spread a handful of chicken scratch a few times a day in there. What happens is that they eat some of it, but as they scratch around, they end up burrying some of it, which they end up finding later so it makes them scratch around even more. That seems to keep them busy. And makes for some awesome material for the compost pile after a few weeks. Also (this is not related to the original subject) but I spread a little DE in this litter and they mix it around and dust bathe in it. I think it helps keep them free of mites and stuff, but I don't know if it contributes to lowering the noise level. I would think that happy birds would be less noisy, but who knows, maybe they're excited.

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jonas302(central mn 4)

Either get up earlier and let them out or get one of those automatic chicken house doors

My chicken house has 4 inches of Styrofoam insulation and you can't hear the rooster crow from my house 200 feet away

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