muddy lawn solutions - help!

treasureforu(NC 7)October 31, 2008

My husband and I have just moved into a new home. The backyard and porch are so wonderful. I am having lots of fun figuring out what to do with it. But, we have a problem with the grassy area because of our two boxer dogs. The grass area is becoming a mud factory and in North Carolina we have red mud which stains everything and especially carpet! We plan to get rid of the carpet but we would still like to solve the muddy issues.

The yard is so shady that grass doesn't grow well and the dogs just tear it up. I have pictures of the area I am talking about. My idea was to add another natural area and then we could stone in some paths around the yard. I think that we could cover up everything that way and we wouldn't need to have any grass or mud. I am open to ideas if someone can come up with a better plan. So any ideas?

Before you start designing things let me give some other useful information. We are trying to do this on a small budget, can take months to do it, not very worried about resale cause we plan to stay a lonnnnng lonnng time and we can only do small amounts of labor due to age and health.

Any ideas? If we do my plan how would I do the edging for the next natural area? I was thinking stones like we have around the edge. Would I have to try to dig up some of the yard to get the stones to stay and lay flat? NC mud is almost impossible to dig in, got suggestions?

Thanks so much for any help.

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treasureforu(NC 7)

I am thinking of adding a nice walking path inbetween the porch & wood deck and retaining wall. Looking at it again, I think the walkway should go beside the existing retaining wall and then I can fill in the rest of the muddy area with pine needles. I am not sure I want the pine needles up against the porch though. So maybe a ground cover would be better?

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Not many groundcovers will survive a lot of traffic like grass can. Some will survive salt burn better than grass though.

You might want to try what I did in my backyard (part shade) with weak grass. IN the bare stretches of the lawn tacked down a green snow fence material (to be used like a poor mans geotextile fabric) and let the grass grow up through it. This gave the dog something to get traction on instead of divoting the lawn.

PS- I like the woodland garden look

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treasureforu(NC 7)

Isabella that was a clever idea to use the fencing. I will have to keep that in mind.
I was thinking about putting a path next to the garden and then the ground cover between the path and the house. I think the dogs will mostly use the path.
The woodland area would go in the first two pictures because the dogs are tearing that area up too and there is a lot of mud over there that doesn't show in the pics. Do you have any other ideas for that space?

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Artificial turf specifically designed for dogs.
It is called K-9 turf.
Foreverlawn on the left coast sells it.

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Dogs are creatures of habit and they like to patrol their turf and it's perimeter. Configure your path to meet the needs of all of the landscape users, and you'll be happy.

Extending the woodland will solve your mud problems and lawn maintenance issues. It looks like there are lots of thin saplings in your woods that might need thinning out in the future.

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