Mean Male Goat....and my Females..Help

flowersnhens(Maine 4)January 20, 2014

Okay, so I have three female goats that go in and out of heat for the past couple months. I friend brought over their Male goat for stud services. He is very rude, and not very nice to my girls. He is hogging food, and runs them off when they try to eat their hay. I have also noticed him head butting them, and sometimes they get pushed pretty hard into the wall. I am not happy with this as either are they. They avoid him like the plague, but the person who brought them over told me it is NORMAL !!...Should I send him home? I feel like if I have his owner come get him already, he will think I am just being silly and over protective. He lives over an hour away so the trip is a bit inconvenient.

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You really need to read up on goat management and goat sex,

The male should be kept away from the females and carefully chaperoned so he can't bully them.

He's there for breeding only, so put them together when you know the female is receptive and remove her after he's inseminated her.

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