Chickens won't Lay

aprilfool(7)January 21, 2013

We have about 70 young hens 8 months old and they are not laying yet. They have a nice big chicken house to roost in at night and a big yard to run in. We feed them laying mesh and scratch feed. Plus the grass and plants in the yard. I would like to get suggestions as to why they haven't started laying. The Georgia weather has been mild this winter and we put a light in the chicken house at night but it did not help

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

They will probably start to lay in the Spring. Expect smaller eggs at first. 8 months is still young for a chicken. Also, mature hens will stop sometimes when it is colder, less light hours...etc. Our hens do not lay in Winter. We feed them scratch only, and gear up in spring with the lay pellets when they start laying, and need more nutrition. Our Turkeys have not laid all winter. Don't worry. They will.

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dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)

If they have free run of the yard, maybe they are laying behind some bushes where you don't see the eggs. But I tend to agree with the above poster - they are still a bit on the young side to be laying consistenly. Don't push them - they'll lay eggs for you longer.

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Thanks for the information. Everyone was telling me the chickens should be laying everyday by 6 months old. How long does a chicken usually lay eggs.

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

We had one chicken that laid for 11 years. She was a new chick we hatched, so I am sure she was about 12 years old when she died. Later on her laying tapered off, and wasn't everyday, but she still surprised me every once in a while with a green egg. She was one of the only americaunas that we had, so I was sure it was her. We had two dogs come in the yard and killed every chicken except for her, hence the name "Lucky". I will miss her.

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I will let you know when they start laying, I hope it's soon, LOL

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Hens will stop laying during the darkest months of the year. If they are laying and they are a good winter variety- they should start laying an egg here and there right now.

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I had an Aracauna for 13 years too! Man was she sweet! She helped brood several batches of meat birds like her own. I will miss her dearly!

On to the subject-
Hens will lay when they are old enough, but over winter we give them some light to extend their day as they won't lay during the dark of winters. And, ours also get some vitamin D added as extra measure to keep their "sunshine" levels high.

And, final trick- give them sprouted grains cause their eggs will be extra nutrient dense. There are several sprouting grains books on the link below, but if you "outta this world" awesome eggs, feed them sprouted grains like they would get in springtime..... And it costs 75% less than store-bought feed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sprouting Grains for Livestock

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Also they do have like glass eggs you lay in a few nests that starts it too,I tried I think I just used plastic eggs.try it.

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