Chickens N oranges?

farmerreJanuary 15, 2010

Can a chicken eat oranges that have over rippened? Was going to cut them into pieces and give, but just was wondering this first.

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According to backyardchickens. com, feeding any citrus to chickens is a no-no. Didn't say why, but I have found the advice there to be reliable. I wouldn't, just in case. Much better to put the overripe oranges in the compost pile!

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Thanks soooo much!!! Guess my flowers will be recieving the over rippened oranges in the compost come summer!!! They will be more beautiful!!

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My birds have eaten citrus with no problems for as long as I can remember. I don't feed it as their only feed but as part of their ration it works just fine.

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islandmanmitch(z 8/9 FL)

I have citrus trees and chickens. I have seen the chickens pecking fallen citrus without apparent ill effects.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

My chickens routinely eat oranges off my backyard tree, with no problems. I chop up the fallen fruit with a shovel. And I don't notice any citrus taste to their eggs, either, in case that is the issue. They leave the skin alone and eat the flesh of the orange.

Velvet ~:>

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I rarely give my chickens citrus only because we tend to use up most all of them here in the house. I have tossed them out here and there with no ill effects. I've found my chickens rarely eat them anyway, or eat them as a last resort. Lori

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

My flock will not eat citrus. I have 50 varieties of citrus, and even though I've offered them bits of fruit I'm eating, they don't like it at all. Citrus and donuts are the only food items I've found that they really detest.

They love all my other fruits and will jump very high to steal Peaches, Grapes, Apples, Figs and Guavas.

I bring them home leftovers from work and dining out, and they never turn down savory foods, but dislike most sweet baked things. They wiped their beaks on the grass and looked disgusted after I offered them leftover birthday cake a coworker thought they might like. No go!


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sandykk(z6 MD)

The reason behind no citrus is that it will slow egg production down. At least that is what I've read.

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)


I can't believe your hens won't eat DONUTS!

I'm on my way to the grocery and will get an extra orange to experiment with today.


Here is a link that might be useful: My place: Busy Solitude Farm

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Our chickens won't touch oranges. Of course they won;t eat French bread or English muffins. Blueberry bagels are shunned but they like onion bagels. Bear claws are something to fight over but apple pie is gross. It gets their beaks dirty.
The peacocks prefer white bread and hamburger buns. The pheasants will eat anything.
They all eat apples but the must be cooked to soften them up or have been laying on the ground long enough to get squishy.

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