Bush Hog pricing

jjaazzyJanuary 11, 2013

We are in the process of moving to 20 acres with a house. The property has been neglected and in need of clean up. I was thinking a bush hog. It was suggested to put cows on it and let them knock it down, but don't cows prefer the young blades of new growth? Will they eat overgrowth? What do you think is a fair price for bush hog service? Any info welcome.

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when you say cows i think you are speaking of cattle. if you have good perimeter fences that is exactly what i would do.with bovines though you will have to protect any trees you want to keep protected or they will chew the bark off, girdling them, and they will die. in my area a common practice is to have sheep to mow the lawn. "if the grass is to long get more sheep, if it is to short sell some" this is true. the people that do this have a gate that they can close to keep the animals from getting on the road. they actually do a better or equal job as any you will see.

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Thanks Krt1, just so I understand, you're referring to cows as a milk producer? And they are tough on trees? I do have some nice oaks out there and would not want them harmed. Plus we would like to plant some palms and it would be nice to put them out there as well.
So you're referring to cattle as beef stock? I have been away from this sort of thing for almost 20 years, and I only scratched the surface then. I have been told that I can lease the land to cattle rancher to get my agg credits. Do you have any experiance with that?

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I had my neighbor mow my pastures down then put his`cattle on the place. He did mine for free in exchange for letting him use the pastures for his cattle. The cost will vary depending on location and how bad it is. I let my neighbor run cattle on my place to get the tax break. Here you need to wait three years before you can get the credit if it does not already have a ag exemption. If your trees are established they will not harm the trees just young ones. If you decide to clear it by grazing and it has heavy brush goats would`work better for clearing the land.

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Thanks insteng, Wow three years that's harsh. I just called today and will have to reapply for agg next year in our name but if approved we will qualify right away for next year. I am looking into the possibility of goats or sheep. I eventually want to get into alpacas but they are pretty expensive and I think we'll be house poor for a while. I might just do the cattle on a year to year thing just to get started and satisfy the rules. A few people here said just stick them out there, they will knock it down. I guess we can do that and just use ridding lawn mower and weed wacker for the non tasty greens. How do you like having the cattle, much trouble with them getting out? I've seen cows jump a fence just standing next to it, you wouldn't think they could get all that weight in the air but they do. I chased cows 20 years ago don't know if I have it in me now : )

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