Yummy Bell Pepper?

josieoh-05May 13, 2009

I brought 2 at Home Depot. Suppose to be a sweet petite bell. looking forward to trying it. Was wondering if anyone has tried these?


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I am trying peppers for the first time this year also, I have them inside growing from seed, I think I'm putting them in the ground this weekend

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I know what you're taking about as I frequent the HD garden section often, usually getting lost in there for hours...lol...I haven't tried any of those Yummy's yet though as I usually grow from seed. I imagine it's something I thought about buying before though. =)

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I had them in a dinner salad and I was so impressed with their taste I had to ask the chef what they were.. I was
so inmpressed that I bought 5 plants and they are thriving.
I was told that they turn orange from green and they are about 2 inches in diameter and almost seedless. If someone
else knows more please tell me as well. thanks,..

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I bought one and when I got it home was convinced it was a mislabel. I looked and smelled like some wacky basil variety. Figuring.. whatever I can always use more basil I planted it and harvested some of the leaves for some pesto. Surprised the hell out of me when I looked at the plant just now and it has a little pepper growing on it.

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