Overwintering lily with pond fish in garage?

adriennemb2(z3/4)October 4, 2011

The water temp in the pond is dropping now with all the cool nights lately, down to 50-55F. This year, after a near total fish loss due to disease, I am planning on wintering the remaining 2 shubunkins, 4 baby comet fry, 5 minnows and trapdoor snails in a 50 gallon stock tank in my insulated but not usually heated garage. I will be putting in a bubbler for sure and also a heater if needed to prevent thick ice.

This is my first year trying this method of over-wintering - seems almost too easy...

Can I also put the cut-back water lily (Perry's Almost Black) as well into the same tank?

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Sorry, wrong forum. Bumped to ponds :)

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karinl(BC Z8)

Not a bad a primer, though, for anyone who romantically envisions a fishpond in the summer garden... good luck!

Karin L

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Thanks Karin. Ponding certainly has it's challenges but I love the life it brings into the garden :)

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Mike Larkin

Do you have a heater for the pond?
If that remains on all winter, your fish should live.

Otherwise this idea should work - I would keep a small heater in tank in garage - just in case you get a hard long freeze.

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Thank you plantman. The deepest part of my pond is just 28" so I think that I'll be going along with the heated tank in the garage. The weather forecast for the winter in this part of the world is supposed to be especially long and bitterly cold - so what else is new in Canada? Like saying that it's dark at night followed by lighter in the morning...

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