shelter for pigs

claraserena(4)January 28, 2012

Last fall we got a good sized area--80'X80'--of pasture fenced for pigs this spring. We'll get 3 weaner pigs in late April and raise them to butchering in October. We're thinking of a corrogted metal shelter inside the pen. Do we need to make a wood slat floor or would a lot of straw on the ground do? Does that sound sturdy enough? What dimensions? Do those shelters anchor well into the ground? We're in Wisconsin. Any sources? Thank you!

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I would not go with wood.
Pigs can be brutal on structures especially ones on the ground where they may be rooting, that doesn't even consider the fact that wood harbours germs.

I think some concrete blocks as a floor would do nicely, can be re-arranged if they are moved, and can be disinfected when needed.

Just my thoughts

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