Need help with vines and neighbor's chain link fence

janine09October 16, 2012

I hope I can describe this - our property line which faces our neigbor is not straight and more like at a 45 degree angle (from our house to the end point in backyard). The property line is marked with the neighbor's ugly black chain link fence.

We need to plant for the fall (NJ 6a Zone), and our challenge is to cover the fence without further encroaching on our land at that furthest point in our back yard.

We have 2 schools of thought, #1 -shrubs on that furhest point to cover the obvious eyesore. This would bring immediate relief but also takes room on our side (creates a triangle backyard so to speak).

#2 - vine like Moonflower or Clementis which would hug the fence and hopefully blend with neighbors landscaping through the fence (not yet planted but is planned). We could put shrubs at the wider points in the property line (closer to the house). This would maybe tone down the property lines sharp angle into our yard, but takes a while to grow these vines and I'm unsure of how they will handle NE temps.

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Sometimes the best way to hide an eyesore is to distract from it with something really beautiful to look at elsewhere. Trying to hide something may only serve to call attention to it. Are you happy with the rest of your back garden? Focus on making it an attractive and useful area.

A black chain link fence will tend to visually disappear into the neighbor's planned landscaping -- depending on what is planted, of course. Perhaps all that is needed is some patience?

A photo would reveal more of the story.

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Photo would help. Look at arborvitae they could solve your problem without taking up much room. Though how much do you really use your backyard? Is it grass no one walks on? If so then why would it be a bad thing for plants to take up lots of room?

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