Cape cod curb appeal

capecod1911October 17, 2012

I bought my home in January of this year, been slowly working on things outside.

I shaped my flower bed for in front of my house recently and am having trouble deciding on what to fill it with.

Any ideas? Photos to follow---

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Another photo

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catkim(San Diego 10/24)

Whatever that is you've planted, it's too close to the house. If it grows, as plants tend to do ;-), it will cover your window.

If you really want to design your landscape, try to include not only this bed, but your future hardscape, and the total front garden as a whole. Look out to the garden from inside the house, or from the door, and visualize what you want to see. Walk across the street and look at your house and garden from that point of view.

One can only guess your climate and the sun/shade on the bed. How much time will you spend maintaining the bed? What kind of a look do you want? Low maintenance evergreens? Plants that change with the seasons? Give us a few parameters to go on...

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That us a pepper plant that I had no room for in my veg garden.

I live in zone 5. it is an afternoon sun morning shade spot.

I want to put a ornamental tree in the big circle, with a semi formal planting underneath. I like liriope, double knock out roses, black eyed Susan's. I plan to have an annual as a border anything, have thought of alyssum for this possibly.

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How were you planning to use the liriope? It makes an excellent border. It's a little slow getting started in spring, so you could add bulbs between the liriope for early color and foliage. By the time their foliage is looking scraggly, the liriope will be up and able to cover it. WARNING: Don't use liriope spicata unless you are willing to deal with its aggressive spreading. Use liriope muscari instead.

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I had planned to use it for borders. Good idea on the bulbs in between each one.

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IMO, you need some sort of border edging which will give a visual of the bed being it's own space. Large rocks/river stone, brick, anything that will give separation to the yard. ;o)

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rosiew(8 GA)

It would help if we knew: where you are, what zone, size of the bed. You'll get more specific recommendations when those things are before us.

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