WANTED: Short season peppers

Mermaidinthegarden(6a)February 8, 2013

I live in a short-season climate (about 93 days) with cool nights and I need some peppers that will ripen here. If you live in a short season area, please feel free to make suggestions not on my list.
Check out my trade list on my member page, also if you are looking for a particular item, or have a trade list up, let me know, I have a personal stash of seeds that I have smaller amounts of that I could spare a few for some good pepper seeds.
Looking for:

Doe Hill Pepper
Odessa Market
Purple Jalepeno
King Crimson
Osmarsko Kambe
Vanity Yellow
Culinar Paprika
Bulharska Sladka
Chervena Chushka

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Hi, I don't have any peppers on your list but I'm in zone 5 so I have a few good short season peppers...I have big Jim which is a milder hot pepper , I have Santa Fe peppers, I also have pumpkin peppers, they are different although I would say they are more ornamental , they are edible but I don't find them to be too tasty. I also have some flowers/herbs/veggies, see if you would like anything! I would live some of your sunberry seeds, ground cherry seeds and Kellogg's breakfast tomato!! Thanks, kelly

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Hi, it won't let me email you back. It won't show me your email address. I'm glad you want some Santa Fe, after going through my seed book I also found sweet banana peppers these mature in 70 days, not sure if you have those yet ? Also not on my list that I have are early sprouting purple broccoli and Minnesota midget melons. I don't know if you ate interested in other veggies but these are both early. This is the only melon I can successfully grow here in northern pa!! Let me know if you would like to trade!! Thanks, Kelly

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Got some alma paprika and tequila sunrise. Anyone have any others?

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Several varieties on your list are not what I consider early producing. Frank's is. I finally got seed for that this year and will have saved seed next year. Odessa Market is another one but I do not have that this year for trade either. I do recommend my Laotian pepper as the earliest, also Siling Haba, Hungarian Wax and Cayenne.

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thank you little minnie, I got this list from browsing forums on the subject of early producers. I guess early is subjective. Last year was my first growing peppers and one that was supposed to be extra early ended up being one of the later maturing ones for me, and a couple that should have been later were pretty quick, so I guess I am just relying on others who live in cooler climates for suggestions. How hot are the Siling Haba and Laotian peppers? I am not that much of a really hot pepper person. About jalepeno is as hot as I like so far. Thanks for the advice, let me know if you would like to trade your peppers for anything on my list.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

It certainly is subjective! I am fussy about my peppers and tomatoes producing early. I grow for sale so I don't have space to waste and I cut out varieties that do not perform well enough and laud the ones that do!
The Siling Haba is a wonderful mild hot pepper, less than jalapeno and very prolific. Despite being from Philippines they are very early. The Laotian one is very hot and small. 1 pepper heats a full wok of food.
Bulgarian Carrot and Gourmet are the ones I would strike off, and maybe the Mulato pepper. Paprika peppers do well. Frank's and Odessa Market are as early as banana peppers. For mild hot peppers the earliest I get are Hungarian Wax/ Banana, Siling Haba, and Laotian. The earliest sweet peppers are Odessa market and Sweet banana and Cal Wonder is next. But this is my first year with Frank's as it was sold out last year.

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wonderful info! thank you, I am going to change my list around a bit to include your reccomendations. If you are still looking for some tomatos, I have a pretty good list of them and can send good amounts of my home saved. I also have some recently aquired trades that I can swap smaller amounts if there is a particular one you are looking for. Just ask!

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mermaid, i figured i might make a few suggestions. I would recommend ashe county pimento, chimayo, aji colorado, chihuacle negro, and chicken heart. im in florida so i have a very long season, but those produced very early for me. i have a few seeds for some of those if you are interested. if your interested email me. happy growing everyone, travis

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