Plan stage of large scale chicken coop

jjaazzyJanuary 30, 2013

I have been doing lots of research about Chicken coops most are for small scale 20 birds or less. We are in hopes of moving to a large piece of property and I would like to get into breeding say Silkies and selling eggs, Easter Eggers Brown & White eggs. I have been trying to understand how this all comes together and need the help from you guys to help me with my plans. I would like to free range my chickens. My thoughts are I need a large Ted Shed size coop with an attached run for the times between sundown/roosting and when I can go out and open the gate in the AM to let them roam the property. I don't want to go out at 6am, I know myself well enough that would probably not last long. So a fenced in AM area, then let em go.
Will they stick around is my first question? I want them to go out, be happy, eat bugs, lots of them, but will they wonder into other folks yards? They have large properties too.. The property is 20 acres. So they would have to wonder pretty far. I can't fence in 20 acres with special fencing. There is a barbwire fence but that's not going to hold back a chicken I realize that. If you can shine the light for me to follow I would really apprecite it. I am reading and reading and reading but any tips and todos are welcome. TIA

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My son has 9 fancy chickens, he made a pen the size for that many, sort of a A frame, enclosed upper level to get in for laying and at night. They are on 7 acres no neighbors real close,no fencing to speak of, they stay in the yard, dig in the flower beds,come up on the porch, basicly pets.

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cool thanks so much good to hear that they don't wonder off too far.

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basically you build the chicken house and run, get your watering system and feed together and then buy chickens. If mature birds you need a couple sq.ft. per bird in the coop. keep them in the coop two weeks and then you can let them loose and expect them to stay around. close to dark you put food in the coop and close the door when they go in to eat. Do it the same way every time to train them. you can whistle to let them know you are going to feed them and they come running when they hear you after a couple times. Starting with chicks is a little harder.

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