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chicken_ingenue(7)January 1, 2006

does anyone have an americuna type hen or easter egg hen. I am not looking to show it but would like some different colored eggs. but am interested in knowing their temperment before I look for one in the spring. are they friendly and easy to handle? i would appreciate any posts from owners that would kinda let me know if the eggs are worth it. These would be pets the eggs are a bonus of course. I also would like to know the different types of colors that yours are. I have seem some pix on the net but they seem very muted and dark are they all like that?

thanks for any info, posts or stories.

chicken ingenue

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I haven't had easter eggers (mixed breed colored egg layers) but I can tell you a little about purebred Ameraucanas. They are wonderful! They come in many beautiful color types and the blue eggs are gorgeous. The birds themselves are interesting and friendly, and talk to us in a chirpy voice (sounds like they're asking questions!) They like to fly (if you don't clip their wings or have a top on the pen you might find them roosting in the trees occasionally) but are not "flighty" in temperament...they're interested in things but not nervous. I've been told by several folks that the mixed "easter eggers" can be nervous and ill-tempered, but since I haven't kept those so can't speak from experience.

You can see some of the different types of Ameraucanas and look for a good breeder this link:

Good luck,

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My one EE lays light pink/brown eggs. I was so excited because she was a freebie from Ideal Hatchery, but her eggs are about the same as the other girls.
As for her temperment---I consider her quiet. She doesn't want to be loved on, but is sweet just the same. She's a smallish bird, but lays enormous eggs and lays every day in the spring and summer..
Take care,

Here is a link that might be useful: Another link

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I have an easter egger, my own cross of Ameraucana/cochin. She lays teal colored eggs, very large, very quiet girl. She is white ( white cochin mother) I had another one she was patridge cochin/ameraucana, also was an excellent and quiet layer. Why the cochin cross? Because I wanted all the extra feathers, ear muffs, beard, feet. I will probably get more crosses next year, but will have to commission them from a friend as I no longer have my original stock. Hope that helps.

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yes, thank you all, that does help a bunch. S

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

Hi CI, here are some pictures of my eggs.

And here is a picture of one of my girls "Rosie"

I have 4 americanas, they all lay their own unique color blue-green eggs. One is colored with a rich amber golden highlight that really sets her apart, she lays olive green eggs. Two others Laura and Rosie look similar to Glory but not as brilliant in feather colors. Another "Angela" lays bright light blue eggs, she is pure white in color, looks more like a leghorn than anything but has the green legs, she maybe considered an easter egger.

Their personalities might be considered shy but they are sweet girls and get along really well with the others. "Rosie" was briefly named "crabby patti" since she was so standoffish etc. until she got an eye infection and couldn't peck to well, I hand fed her and babied her and she is now my best friend. She really trusts me and follows me around. So I would say they can warm up to you if you have patience. I just adore mine. And a big YES!!! to your question if the eggs are worth it. I'm not sure my photo colors are accurate but I assure you, you will not regret these beautiful little gems.

Take care,

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

I agree with Sheila, they are very fun birds and have personalities! The eggs are truly lovely--no photos can do them justice. Mine give me pale pink, army green (VERY funny), light pale blue and bright Robin's Egg blue eggs. I love the facial tufts on the hens, they are so cute. Some hens can be standoffish (they prefer not to be picked up but will certainly walk up to you), but others are friendly and curious and will get in the middle of whatever garden project you are trying to work on and 'supervise'. They are never mean, however, are bright and quick, and get along fine with the other birds. They are great talkers and will each have a distinctive voice.

I'm sold on them and will always have some of them in my flock. The pastel eggs never fail to get a reaction from people. :)

Be aware of the difference--Aracaunas are rare, rumpless and have those HUGE facial 'wings', Americaunas have smaller facial tufts and beards, regular tails, greenish (willow) legs and lay the pastel eggs. Peope commonly confuse Americaunas, Aracaunas and Easter Eggers.

Velvet ~:>

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thanks so much for the pix and the advice. I did a little research on the internet, and saw the rumpless wonders. L interesting but not for me. silkies looked pretty neat too but I read they were more susceptable to lice. yuck.

I am definetly gonna get me some easter eggers this spring.

chicken ingenue

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BelindaM(z8 La)

Chicken ingenue, I also read a whole lot of stuff on the Net before I got my chickens (lots of it Bull). So here you get REAL people who raise chickens and know what they are talking about! Be careful what you read on the net!


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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

I hate to say it, but most chickens do have lice. My daughter plays with them all of the time, and we are battling a case of lice with my daughter right now. I dust the birds with sevin dust occasionally to keep the lice down. I am using a special shampoo on my daughter and it is an uphill struggle to get them all.

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Chicken lice dont stay on humans, different critters. Ameraucanas have beard/muffs, are a recognized breed in 7 color varieties; Araucanas are also a recognized breed, have no beard/muffs but do have(some may not have)ear tufts which is a lethal gene when homozygous(2 copies). They also have no coccyx(tail bone)which presents some difficulties in breeding. clipping the feathers around the vent may facilitate better fertilization. Easter eggers are cross bred mutts which may be of any breed crossed with Araucana or Ameraucana. Pink shells are a shade of brown pigment.

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fanci thats what I read that they are crossbreds LOL thats ok were a mutt kinda family S

belinda, I have found that most of what people tell you about their experience with their chickens is just that, theirs. We were told that their was no way we could keep them without a top on the coop and that they wouldn't lay without a rooster that the roosters would fight all that was wrong. I have figured out that different breeds act different in different climates and so on. So far our experience has been wonderful. We have raised FOUR beautiful roosters People kept giving them to us tellng us they were hens LOL we gave them to good homes for people to breed and we have one very friendly buff, and three game hens that really aren't taming up very well but are still entertaining to watch. I think our experience has been very different then some of the people we have talked to in this area that have chickens but we are very happy and plan to raise up some chicks in the spring.


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I have 2 week old ameraucanas that are trying to fly out of the box which is 2 feet high! Is it too early to clip their wings? If so what is a good age to start? Thanks!

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