Hens turn out to be Roosters

naparainerJanuary 3, 2010

Two of three chicks that joined our city flock in July are turning out to be roosters - a Buff Orpington and a Giant Black Jersey. They are both cool pets and very tame - yet we can't keep them, since we live within city limits. What to do? We don't just want to give them to someone that may turn them into their next dinner...

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Dang it, that very same thing happened to me this past summer. My husband is deployed or the extra roos would have found their way to our freezer...I didn't have the heart to do it by myself. As it was, a friend of a friend also raises chickens and her and her husband came and got all the extras. They were driving the hens crazy and one in particular was becoming mean. They were going to butcher them with their next batch. Sounds like that isn't an option for you, could you advertise in the paper or on a "party line?" I've found in my own experience that it is hard to find a home for a pet roo, even if the people raise chickens anyway. Let us know how it turns out. Lori

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tawnypolito(Zone 5 - Nevada)

You should (if already you haven't) try contacting Feed Stores in and around your area. Out of 3 that I have here, locally, one of them will take all "unwanted" chickens/roosters. They have outdoor "dog runs" equipped for housing them and they are Free to whomever wants them.
It may be worth it...who knows :)

Tawny ... aka tawnypolito

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

Two sweet chicks hatched here last Labor Day. It now appears they are both cockerels. I have one adult rooster who has become aggressive. But, like you, I keep them as pets and so the prospect of having them dispatched is not high on my list.

A year or so ago I did have to ask my farmer friend to remove one from my flock and that was difficult for me, but it did help the demeanor of the barn. (http://www.busysolitudefarm.com/2009/03/dominion.html)

It is nearly impossible to find people who will take a rooster to keep alive. Almost always they take a free rooster because they are going to eat him.

I think we all have to recognize that in most farm animal worlds, the females are what are kept and the vast majority of males are eaten. Or castrated.

Sorry not to be helpful.


Here is a link that might be useful: Busy Solitude Farm

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