Our Chickens Eggs have a thick membrane

nurseheidiJanuary 6, 2010

Hi, my family just started raising chickens. We have a Rhode Island and 5 Gold Star chickens. They lay about 1 egg each everyday. Nice brown medium sized eggs. The problem is that whenever we hard boil the eggs we can't get the shell off without taking half of the egg white with it. We have experimented with icing the eggs after boiling, different boiling times etc. to no avail. I have noticed that when cracking fresh eggs, the membrane that holds the egg shell together (the thin one you have to break through to get to the egg white and yolk) is rather thick. More so than the yucky mass produced white eggs from the grocery store. Anyone have any suggestions? I would really like to make nice looking deviled eggs without having to rip off half my egg whites. It looks like rats got to my eggs :).

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Fresh eggs don't peel well. We, too, have a small flock who give us great tasting eggs. When I want to make deviled eggs, I hold the eggs for at least a week, and then hard boil them.
I love your description of "yucky mass produced white eggs". Very evocative!

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LOLOLOL That is always the first big thing new chicken owners notice. What this proves is that store eggs are at least a week old, there is no such thing as a fresh store bought egg.
Then the thickness of the egg is proof of diet and lack of sunshine and exercise.
Yeah for boiled eggs let your eggs sit in the fridge a week. Enjoy the real egg, and you never will want to eat a fake egg again

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

*L* Yeah, what the other guys said. I always use eggs that are at LEAST a week old for hard boiled eggs. I also peel them under slight running water to facilitate getting the peel & albumen off.

Enjoy your real eggs! :)

Velvet ~:>

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This was also a big complaint I had when I first started in with fresh eggs a few years ago. People told me all kinds of ways to fix the problem but I really didn't find anything that worked well. Some said put some baking soda in the boiling water, etc. Like others have said, holding the eggs for a week or two is the best way I've found to get a good peel. Some of my eggs are that old or older if I don't get them sold or given away in a timely manner. They still taste better than store bought, LOL. Lori

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