Patio on a slope

docwagnerOctober 21, 2012

Greetings, I'm new around here. Need some advice. I have a very nice enclosed area off the back of my house about 50'x50'. It is ringed by trees and is heavily shaded. We like the shade. On one side is our car port and on the other is our swimming pool. It is a heavy traffic area so we have been unable to keep the grass growing and now it is just dirt. It has a gradual slope to it dropping maybe a foot over 50'. I am thinking pavers would really make it look nice with maybe some kind of water feature/fountain in the center, but I am concerned about the slope. Everything I read about pavers starts with leveling the area. Is this etched in stone so to speak? I would rather not have a step. The slope has never been an issue. We have had parties out there and set up tables without a problem.

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It will work fine. Though they say to level the area out they don't mean perfectly flat. For rain etc. a patio should be sloped 1/4" for every 12" (away from the house of course). Good luck with your project, it sounds like it is an oasis in the making.

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Thanks for the input. Unfortunately the slope is sideways to the house. I will have to do some kind of drainage prior to the swimming pool, but I needed validation that I could slope the pavers first.
I appreciate your input.

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I'm "seconding" the idea that some slope would actually be required to facilitate drainage. There is a range of slope that works with paving and 1' of fall over a run of 50' fits within it. However, the slope must be in the right direction to make water behave properly and the path of drainage must be carefully thought through. You might want to explain more about your existing conditions, including a photo if it helps.

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If it really is dropping a foot over fifty feet, that's about perfect for fall at 1/4" per foot (it leaves you 0.5" shy but as long as you're better than 1/8" per foot you're fine).

I assume by "sideways to the house" you mean it slopes from one house corner to the other? That's no problem as long as the water then has somewhere to go. Just bear in mind that any horizontal line on the house (siding, mortar joints) will make the pitch of the patio very apparent. Some people don't care, some are REALLY bothered by that. Decide which camp you're in first.

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