WANTED: Seeking various, mostly edibles.

soilent_greenFebruary 9, 2013

I am seeking trades to acquire seeds of any of the following. If any of the specific varieties in this list turn out to have active patents in the United States then my requests for those varieties are hereby rescinded, as per GardenWeb rules.

1.) Cold weather/short season OP and hybrid tomato varieties.
2.) Large OP or hybrid paste, saladette, and sausage tomato varieties such as "Mariana" hybrid and "Opalka".
3.) "Moby Grape" grape tomato.
4.) Any new hybrid tomato variety that is bred for resistance to Septoria lycopersici Leaf Spot.
5.) Hot and very hot peppers such as Butch T, Nagahari, Savina, Trinidad Scorpion, Seven Pot, Bulgarian Carrot, Fatali, Mustard Hab, Jamaican Red Mushroom, NuMex varieties, etc.
6.) Non-ornamental smoking, pipe, cigar, plug, and chewing tobacco varieties.
7.) Rosa Rugosa, any strain that produces large hips, flower color irrelevant.
8.) Litchi Tomato (Solanum Sisymbriifolium).
9.) Non-hybrid, non-gm food grains.
10.) Upland rice varieties.
11.) Oilseed varieties.
12.) Bush Romano bean varieties.

I will trade two varieties for any of the following specific varieties. I seek nothing else in these categories at this time. I reserve the right to limit this offer.

13.) Sword Beans: "Akanata Mame", "Shironata Mame".
14.) Flower Beans: "Akahana Mame", "Shirohana Mame".
15.) Filet Bean: "Velour Purple".
16.) Fall Beans: "Grape", "Nora Day White", "Red and White", "Red Speckled".
17.) Pole Beans: "Haricot Tarbais", "Cosse Violette".
18.) Green Bush Snap Beans: "Calima", "Derby", "Duke", "Harvester", "Spartan Arrow", "Speedy", "Titan".
19.) Purple Bush Snap Beans: "Amethyst", "Purple Teepee", "Purple King".
20.) Runner Beans (P. coccineus): "Butler", "Golden Sunshine", "Hestia", "Insuks Wang Kong", "Lady Di", "Moonlight", "Red Rum", "Scarlet Emperor", "Streamline", "Summer Medley", "Sunset", "Wisley Magic".
21.) Fava Beans: "Aquadulce", "Bell", "Delle Cascine", "Extra Precoce a Grano Bianco", "Histal", "Iantos", "Italian Farm House", "Jubilee Hysor", "Lorane", "Negreta", "Reina Mora", "Statissa", "Superaguadulce Morocco", "Supersimonia".
22.) Flageolet Beans: "Chelinex", "Chevrier", "Elsa", "Flagrano", "Flamata", "Flambeau", "Flamingo", "Roi des Verts", "Soissons Vert".
23.) Wax Beans: "Barksdale", "Blue Blockeye", "Burpee's Stringless White Wax", "Concador", "Gold Dust", "Improved Prolific Black", "Ivory Pod", "Keeney's Rustless Golden", "Marvel of Venice", "Miller's Early Golden Stringless", "Olteanu's Romanian Yellow", "Prolific Black", "Rennie's Round Pod Kidney", "Saddleback", "Sonesta", "Surecrop Stringless", "Tisa", "Uzice Speckled", "Wachs Beste Von Allem", "Wardwell's Kidney", "Wardwell's Improved Kidney", "White Zulu", "Yosemite", "Zlatac".

Trade with me with confidence. I have successfully traded thousands of seeds of hundreds of varieties for several years on GW and other online resources. I check member feedback prior to any trade agreement and urge my potential trading partners to always do the same. I have found this to be a wise habit, and a great resource that GardenWeb provides.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any questions.

Thanks for looking, have a great day, and wishing a successful 2013 gardening season to all.

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spacetogrow(4 MN)

Hi Tom,

I think I have some of what you're looking for. I'll e-mail you.

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Sent you an email

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I believe I have responded to all inquirers as of this posting date and time stamp. I am looking forward to some fun trades, and would certainly welcome a few more - I have lots of seeds available for trade.

Thanks for your interest!


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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Tom I will share tomato and pepper seeds if you help me figure out those low tunnel clips. I can't really find them. I am ordering the tubing real soon. i got the catalog today.

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Hi little_minnie,

Please send me an email so we can converse privately off of GardenWeb.


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I believe that all trades are now in progress. If I have missed anyone please let me know.


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