How to store ONE bale of hay without a barn

modern_miss(10A (15 Sunset) SF Bay Area CA)January 31, 2013

I need to get creative about how to store one bale of hay (for rabbits) and keep it clean and dry over the winter. I do not have a barn or shed or any type of enclosure (or the money to buy one).
I know I can get a shipping pallet and I have room for it in the yard. Should I put the bale directly on the pallet or put a plastic tarp down on the pallet and then put the bale on the tarp? I just need to figure out how to prevent water from getting under the bale...Any and all ideas are appreciated!

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sandyl(Zone 6B -7)

Mice will be your bigget problem just covering the bale up with a tarp. They will build nest and have babies in the hay with just a tarp on it.

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

We have the same problem. I have used a pallet, and then plywood, then bermuda, then tarp, with water bottles to tie down the edges. We don't get a lot of snow here, but mice are always a problem. We use the hay for bedding for our chickens. I have been trying to buy less than a bale from our feed store, but the shake is all spoken for. We will have to get a bale soon, and that is probably how it will be stored. We don't have a barn.

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modern_miss(10A (15 Sunset) SF Bay Area CA)

Thanks for your suggestion. I think I will try that. But what's bermuda?

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What size bale are you trying to store? 40 - 50 lb.? Buy a large garbage tote with a lid and put it in there.

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