Unbelievable Chicken Egg!!!!!!

kcchiefsfan(5b Indep MO)January 7, 2012

In all our years of having chickens plus hubby growing up on family farm with tons of chickens we have never seen this! Wish I had taken a picture but didn't :(

We got a huge egg from one of our Americana girls. I was sure it would be a double yolker or maybe even a triple if that was possible. When we cracked it this morning it had only one large yolk BUT it also had a small egg in it! The original egg was green but the inner egg was dark green and round. The shell was very hard and there was no yolk in it.

An egg within an egg!!! Has anyone ever heard or seen anything like that before?

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I wish you had taken a picture of it. I've had chickens for only about 11 years, but never seen or heard of anthing like that. I'm still always amazed everytime I bring in the eggs. How do those 'Cana girls make their eggs blue anyway? How can they produce one every day? It's similar to computers for me, it's still just a big mystery!

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Yes we had that a few times and yes usually double yolk ,you wonder how they could lay such a huge egg.what color?I have the blue and blue green.

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Yes, it happened when I was a kid. We raised the heavier breeds of chickens back then cause some were for eating.

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We got a huge green one before. It only had one yolk also. After the huge egg we never got another colored egg, I think it broke the chicken. Though from a different chicken we got a really small egg, maybe about the size of a ping pong ball.

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I had the same huge egg last year. Breeding 10 hens and one cock at my land. I was greatly surprised when find it. Was about double from the normal size.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

We had one a little over a year ago, from our Buff Orpington hen. It happens when an egg spends a little extra time in the chute and gets an extra shellacking. So to speak. :)

Here's what ours looked like and what we found when we cracked it open:

Compared to the size of our other eggs:

And what we found inside--the egg on the left was the inner egg and is of normal size for our Orp. There was some egg white and random chalaza.

It was truly a giant darned egg and was doubtless uncomfortable to have to lay, although there was no blood on it. We just told her she was being an overachiever. :)

Velvet ~:>

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That's a huge egg and an interesting inner-egg.

We have 1 Buff, so maybe she'll do something similar.

One of our 4 chickens (we have 3-PBRs) lays torpedo eggs.

Gathering eggs is a neat lil treat.

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