How do I anchor my wind spinner?

violetwestOctober 25, 2013

I bought a beautiful metal wind spinner. It's 84" high with a "dog-leg" or h-shaped stake base. I'm wondering what's the best way to anchor it?

Just sticking it in the ground is not going to work -- ground too soft and winds too fierce! Right now I have it stuck in a planter, which works okay, but I don't want it there permanently. I want to be able to move it if necessary.

I was thinking about putting it in a pot with gravel, rocks, or even bags of gravel placed around the base. Do you think that would work? or do you have other suggestions?

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rosiew(8 GA)


I took a spinner to the welding shop and had them weld pieces of rebar to the bottom. I'll leave it to you to decide what length to make them. Works really well. And I'm lucky - I pay the welding shop with a batch of brownies. Shouldn't be pricey for them to do this for you.


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thank you, but -- I don't quite understand what you did. You made a stand out of it (like a Christmas tree stand)? or you made the base longer, wider, or what?

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rosiew(8 GA)

Wish I knew how to draw online. I'll assume yours has an inverted U shaped part that gets placed in the soil. (Not really a U, more an E without the middle line. If that's what you have, have lengths of rebar welded to the pieces that are meant to go into the ground, starting from the top. You could also have them add to the width of that part, which should provide more stability. If I'm not making myself clear, will try to explain further and maybe someone will draw it!

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How I interpret it is that it is like tines of a fork (stabbed into the ground) and the tines have length extensions welded on to them so that it penetrates deeper into the ground. (?)

(Wish I could pay for welding with brownies. Only a woman can do this and the welders must probably be male. What the heck ... maybe ... next time ... I'll try it and see what happens.)

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lol! yardvaark -- it's an idea!

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I actually kind of like it stuck in the pot on its "temporary" position. Well placed to be viewed out the door

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crap--sorry for the skewed pic. Was all excited that I figured out how to upload pics from my phone here . . . been having this problem with my iphone pics recently.

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