introducing rabbits

beeliz(2)January 22, 2012

Hello all,,

I have recently adopted 2 young female flemish giant bunnies,and have a 1 year old female flemish that I have had for about 9 months. I want to introduce them so they can live together,,she has already tried to chase and atxk one of them. I separated them and have the young females in their own enclosure in the barn, so they can't get hurt from the older female. Is this possible that eventually they can co-habitate together? They have access to the barn,and have a large enclosed fenced pen for the daytime which they share with 3 ducks and 2 hens. so there is plenty of space for everyone,,hoping this can work out,,let me know!!

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"Space for everyone" is more your idea. Female rabbits can be pretty territorial. After the one was there for so long, it will be hard to bring in any other rabbits to HER space. Even with a male, you should put her in with him to mate, then return her home after a short while.

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