Free Range Chickens

jjaazzyJanuary 17, 2013

So I have been doing some research on Chickens and I would like to get some. I am thinking about getting some of the fancy types so maybe I could sell the chicks. I would like to let the chickens have full run of the property. We will have 20 acres soon. When I was younger by BF's family had some chickens and I know they ran around during the day cleaning the paddocks and stuff but if given an area to go at night do they just do that by themselves. Should I provide a place to roost and a place to lay an egg too. Please clarify....

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treasurificgal(z8A CA)

You will want to provide a place where you can lock them in at night free from predators. Also, when given a cushy nest to lay in, they might lay there instead of hiding somewhere and laying eggs where you will not find them. Free Range has the advantage of them being able to get lots of bugs, and protein to supplement their feed, but if there are stray dogs or coyotes, you may lose a bird here and there. We keep ours in a large pen, with a smaller pen inside of it, with nest boxes and places to roost. Both areas are pretty protected from predators. We do have a slight problem with Rats, but I think we took care of that by moving all of the nest boxes off the ground. (less places for the rats to hide). Good luck with your project. Chickens can be very rewarding.

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Thanks for all your info, I hope that I can get the property....

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