Have you ever used a 'mole chaser'?

mersiepoo(6)January 9, 2012

They sell them at jung seed company, it's like a windmill that you mount, which creates vibrations when it turns and is supposed to scare moles away. Anyone try it, and if so, did it work?

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My mole chaser is a Jack Russell. All I ever see is a three inch wagging tail sticking up out of the ground.

I've tried just about everything out there at one time or another. The traps worked fine, the windmill worked alright for a while, but it's a machine with moving parts.

My neighbor prefers prefers a pitchfork. His wife prefers an ax. Go figure.

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We got a dog, but he would probably end up tearing everything out of the ground digging for moles and mice. He's great at eating them, and I have chickens in the garden now, and they like to eat them too, but once I plant they're evicted. I got some of that mole stuff that is supposed to repel them with castor oil, and will try the windmill thing anyway, it's worth a shot.

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