GAPEWORMS, I think !! Please help

ward_95January 30, 2013

I have a year and a seven months old Leghorn Rooster named Soso, well he keeps opening his beak up wide open with his neck stretched up too, he does also sneeze a lot and in tow time some water came out of his nose, heavy breathing (he sleeps in my lap everyday so I felt it) those are all The Gape worm symptoms. I noticed this few months ago but he's all fine i mean he eats normally, acts normally, he didn't lose weight he's just normal but I'm worried that with time he won't remain normal !!!
Please help me, I raised Soso from a day old check and ever since that day and he's been my life, my best friend, my Kid and I can never imagine anything wrong happens to him!!
And no vets where I live cure chickens & roosters, so you're the only hope I have on trying to help my Soso
Thanks a punch :)

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