Theft in the countryside: no dog solutions

blueberrier1January 19, 2011

A neighbor recently remarked that our lane was lucky to be free of the plague of breakins, day and night, thoroughout our and adjacent counties. No longer true, as a closeby vacant mobile home was just ransacked, copper removed, AC unit demolished, and all loose metal removed.

Currently have our horse/cattle trailer and 5x8 trailer stored outside the barn and am thinking of getting a log chain and joining the tongues with a large padlock.

Does anyone have experience with a motion detector camera they have used successfully? When we had our home security installed, we were told there are optional cameras to connect to the system, but were told it is less pricey and better to set cameras independently.

Cannot hear anyones' dogs barking unless directly near our windows.

Thanks for any ideas.

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my son's landlord installed cameras and a sign. What he didn't do was hook them up. Cameras are much cheaper than they used to be.

There are alot of people that are 'scrapping', otherwise recycling metal. My son does it, but he's careful and considerate enough to ask before he takes ANYTHING. Unfortunately he's one of the few.

If I was you, I would definitely tied those trailers and such down so that they can't be hooked up to and pulled away. Also, maybe put them close to the house but out of site.


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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Sad stuff to have to padlock everything out in the country. It is sure a change of lifestyle, but unfortunately, it now seems to be country wide.

Yes, lock everything up. I think motion detector lights are good, because the thief doesn't know whether the light went on by itself or it was a manual switch and the homeowner is awake.

I did get a pass when almost every house in my neighborhood was stripped, furniture and everything taken in the middle of the day. I had 4 huge dogs inside my house. The other person who had a couple of German Shepherds also got passed over.

You can't count on dogs. Some burglars will simply kill your dogs. But dogs do deter the opportunistic thief.

Some places in the country have an air pressure bell that dings inside their house when a car runs over the line in the driveway. Thieves couldn't carry away too much without bringing a car in.

Please keep your house locked. Sometimes the thieves, especially druggies, will go in whether you are home or not.

It also helps to have your property fenced and a gate across the driveway.

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We could also go back to some of the "old" ways...keep your eyes/ears open when outside for anything unusual. If you get "sales people", don't allow them into your house & notify you local law enforcement that they are in the area.
Talk to your neighbors, let them know if you will be away for an extended period. Put up signs "Beware of Dog" whether or not you have one. Put up another sign "Trespassers Will Be Shot, Survivors Will Be Shot Again"...your neighbors will get a laugh & would-be theives may pass you by!
We live rural & have a deep/high ditch in front of our property. We also have fences along both sides so no entry from a neighbor's property. We have a cable that we padlock across our driveway if we are going to be gone & have a niece who will come out each day at different times to "look things over" nothing on a regular schedule.

Be alert! Call law enforcement if something doesn't seem right! Call & ask them if they have any info you might use or if they are conducting any classes on deterents...our's do!

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We have a motion detector in our driveway,we put it on fence part way out soo we have time to look to see who it is,buzzer rings in house,

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