Raw milk fat

kurite(5)January 9, 2010

Hi I just started to drink raw milk but i heard that the fat should seperate from the milk on its own and form a top layer. Is this true?


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Yep. Cream rises, and that's what you're seeing on top of the milk.

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Thank you for the post but thats not what i meant. When i let th milk sit there is only a very very thin layer of cream maybe like 1/32 of an inch, shouldnt there be more? Its whole fat raw milk.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

You may be confusing unpasteurized with unhomogenized. You should not drink unpasteurized milk. I suspect that you have gotten your hands on some homogenized unpasteurized milk. The best tasting safe milk is milk that has bee batch pasteurized by loading it into a kettle and heading it to 165 for a minute or so, rather than milk that is shot through a very warm (215 ish) bit of pipe for a fraction of a second. Unpasteurized milk, even from local cows kept well and happy, can contain a number of things that can kill you or sicken you, it is really a case of swapping bodily fluids, not good mojo.

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luke_oh(zone 5 NE Ohio)

There is and always will be the debate over raw milk vs pasturized milk. There are lots of people now drinking raw milk. If you indeed do have raw milk and it is in a quart bottle you should see maybe 2 to 3 inches of cream on the top. Make sure that you know your source for raw milk it is
illegal in some states, but it is possible to get around the law but that's a whole new story.

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Is it cowÂs milk or goat? It also depends on the breed of cow you are getting the milk from as to how much fat there is. A Jersey will produce a higher fat content then a Holstein. It may also take a day of two for large amounts of the cream to rise to the top. You will see some the first day but if you leave it untouched there should be more the next day or two. What color is the cream. If itÂs really yellow it is probably from a Jersey or possibly a Swiss? If it's goats milk you won't see much fat as goats milk is naturally homogenized. It would take a week or more to see much of a difference in the goats milk. If you are trying to separate the cream you can purchase a cream separator. It is important to know your source when deciding the safety of raw milk. If you arenÂt sure the cow has been tested free of Brucellosis you may reconsider drinking raw milk. Brucellosis is transferable to humans through the milk and wonÂt kill you but over the years you may wish it would. Symptoms may include but not limited to fevers, headaches, painful joints, weakness. Effects the liver and kidneys. Legality of the sale of raw milk is a problem in most states. So do be sure of the source. I personally pasteurize the milk from my cow and goats even though I know they are fine because I wouldn't want to be responsible for someone being exposed to something in raw milk. That being said I have used raw goats milk off and on over the years. But I find it last longer and taste fresher pasteurized. If you do pasteurize by the above mentioned method you not only have to bring it to 165 degrees but it should be held at or close to that temp for 20-30 min. If you seal it in a canning jar while hot it will vacuum seal under refrigeration and prevent bacteria from getting in the milk. I have had milk I did that way that tasted like the day I milked 2 to 2-1/2 weeks later. Is there is a certain benefit you are trying to get from the raw milk? You may want to look for an alternative. Colloidal Silver, herbals, etc.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

20-30 minutes, thanks! With colloidal silver (which has no studies backing it's effectiveness for internal anything) watch out for silver nitrate, which will be unlabeled and permanently tattoo you silver where ever light hits your body.

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)


In Washington State we have Legal Certified Raw Milk Dairies. We have one on the Island now for about 5 years.

They sell, I believe, Certified Organic Raw Cow Milk, not whole milk. I was told they skim off the cream for butter.

kurit, I would ask your supplier if it's whole milk.


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