I need Goat Help Please......

deeking15January 30, 2009

hey everyone im kinda new to the goat world, and so heres my question i got 20 goats and 5 goat kids, some of them are a couple months old and some 1-2 years and none of them have id tags and i want to put some on them but i dont know if is bad for them since they are already grown up, or the kids are too young or what. please help me i really need to know this, and thanks for everything.....

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There are all kinds of tags. The best clip over the edge of the ear and don't stick out to get caught on things.

Here is a link that might be useful: ID Tag site

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You can put tags in goats ears at any age-usually over weaning age. Depending on the tag, placement should be where it won't be annoying to the goat, such as the eyes. Placement should also avoid the vein in the ear. I havnt seen any problems with tags in 3 month olds, not sure about younger ones. Please be aware ear tags can, and most likely will, get caught on something and be ripped out of the ear leaving a hole or a shredded ear. We've had the metal one piece tags, the long plastic tags, and the plastic button-type. All have been ripped out of the ears, though I must say the metal one stayed the best, and got snagged on thing less often.

I recommend tattooing-can't get ripped out nor does it cause cancer or migrate like a microchip. Granted, tattooes fade, but a flashlight behind the ear of a good tattoo job does the trick of being able to read it.


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the last time i looked up tags Allflex made a narrow # tag just for sheep and goats .Hoeggers, Caprine supply and PBS
carry quite a wide vareity of equipment and meds. for goats , Hoeggers are alawys willing to discuss any questions over the phone .
i wouldnt tag the kids that are under 4 months of age and unless the billy kids are castrated/nuetered you will need to put/keep them away from ALL of the does over 4 months old or you will be having kids , as any goats at 4 months of age are capable of breeding .
and as weird as it may sound if you watch your goats ( sometimes i will set out in the pen on a 2 gallon pail
just to observe and watch how they are doing and what they do as well ) you can learn quite a bit by watching them and learning their habits and when your goats get used to you chances are they will be coming up to wanting their ears and back rubbed, of course a handfull of treats or feed is quite helpful to get them to come to you .
and i will stop typing before i right a novel :-)
hope this helps ,

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thank you very much yall, i really wanted to know this info that yall have provided me.

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