Roll Call! Where is everybody?

brendasue(6)January 1, 2010

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays with friends & family. The list seems kinda quite lately, and I miss some of the regular posters.

We've been busy preparing for winter, well it's here now so I guess you'd say we're dealing with winter, finished the greenhouse & started our kidding season.

What have you all been up to?


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Hello, I need a few questions answered, is anyone out there?

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Hello, I am farely new at raising goats. We currently have two boar goates getting ready to kid. My question is this? Both are probably just days away according to my expected delivery dates, however one who has never kidded before currentely still does not have a milk sack developed at all. Her tail is hanging very low but no other signs. Is this normal not to have any developed milk thus far?

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If she is bred she should have at least some swelling there. Normally does start to bag up several weeks prior to kidding, though no bag occasionally occurs.

Was this a hand-breeding or was she left with the buck for an extended period of time? The reason I ask is perhaps she took on her 2nd cycle with the buck and her due date is later?

Be prepared with some colustrum on hand(save some if your other doe kids first, minimum 1/10 cc per lb per kid). Sometimes a doe will form her bag after kidding. Once in a while the mom will have no milk so you need to be prepared for that. The kid(s) need colustrum within 24 hours. They will get weak quickly so be pro-active.

If she kids with no udder, go through the motions of milking her, (remove the waxy plugs). This will stimulate her body to make natural oxytocin (you can get this from the vet also) and let down her milk. Milk or not; be sure mom bonds with her kids or you will have a bottle baby for sure. It can a couple of days to stimulate but don't give up too early.


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thanks for your response. We have a billy goat as well and she was left with him for extended period of time. I know she is pregnant she is very large to date. But as mentioned no swelling at all. The other goat has the swelling and other signs but I thought she would be due later than sooner. K I will make sure to have colustrum on hand just in case. But I will probably have to buy it since she is due before the one that has the milk sack formed. Another question I have what is the purpose of the oxytocin? Is this to be given to the mother or the kids?

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oxytocin is a natural hormone that is produced by the mother, and is only administered to a. help induce labor b. to stimulate milk let down (commercial dairies routinely administer it to thier herds in order to maximize milk production, is this a good thing?) c. to help in getting female back into heat sooner for rebreeding. It is not for the young

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