Ever use those 'windmill' fans to get rid of moles/voles?

mersiepoo(6)January 6, 2012

First time ever, we have hordes of moles/voles tunneling all over our yard. It took a few years for the invaders to reach the garden, but they finally got there last year. They made a mess with eating around the pumpkin roots, wilting the plants and giving the mice a great way to get around and eat the other plants. So, I'd like to give those wind mill things a try, Jung seed sells one and I'd rather use that than use a battery operated contraption that costs just as much if not more if you add batteries to the mix. Has anyone ever used one, and if so, did it work? We have a LOT of rodents around here, the mice are bad enough, but the moles are an extra hassle. The only 'good' thing is that the chickens get a few sometimes. We've got feral cats due to our neighbors but they do nada for the rodent problem. Thanks for any advice.

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what ?

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It's called a 'mole chaser'

Here is a link that might be useful: mole chaser

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