Can radishes take more than a month to grow?

MChamberlain(5b)May 12, 2014

I planted some Burpee sparker radishes in early April. Right now, I have some leaves and pretty much minimal bulbs. Is it possible for radishes to take more than the 25 days or so the seed package states? It's been more than a month so far. It definitely does not look as though they've bolted or are near doing so.

Thanks for any help!

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I assume you mean Sparkler. If so this is a tempermental variety that needs optimal conditions to bulb properly. If your area is still relatively cool they may yet bulb. DTM is relative and very dependent on conditions.

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I did indeed mean sparkler!
Great, so the first radish I grow is a toughie. Guess I'll try something more ho-hum for my next batch!
Thanks for the help!

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Keep them damp all the time and they will bulb up. Some of the older varieties take 40 days or more.

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They also don't like even partial shade. So if they not in a full sun it make take much longer.

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It's been full sun, pretty moist and thinned to 1 inch...

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