HAVE: For postage, Corn, Peas, others

poisondartfrogFebruary 9, 2014

These are small packets that I just received in recent seed swaps. They all look great and are from reputable traders; they are just varieties that I know I will not grow. The first person that posts here and is willing to send 4 stamps (I have plenty of mailers) can claim them. Keep in mind these are small trade packets. I don't want to bother with dividing them up, if you want one pack, you will receive all of them.
Here's what I have:
English Pea, Green Arrow
Snap Pea, Sugar Ann
Pencil Cobb Corn
English Pea Willet Wonder
English Pea, Thomas Laxton
Pea, Pinkeye Purple Hull
Mezcla Pole Bean
Pepper, Large Cherry, Hot Burpee 2012
Squash, White Bush Scallop
Morinda citrifolia, Noni, Indian Mulberry
Corn, Mosby's White Prolific
Garbanzo Beans
Speckled Butter Beans
Bush Lima, Jackson Wonder
Taiwan Long Bean
Corn, Silver Bullet
Turnip, Seven Top

First poster should email for my address. If I don't receive postage within 1 week of providing it, I will repost the offer.

Thanks, Alana

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Hey Alana,

I'd love to get your seeds. I'm even willing to do a trade, if I have something you want.

Hope to hear back from you.


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You are the first poster. I'll send you my address and will be watching for your stamps to arrive.
I don't need a trade for these, but thank you for offering :)


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