HELP Irrigation Question for new landscape design

minminOctober 21, 2011

(I also put this in the Irrigation forum.)

Hello everyone--Thank you in advance for any help!

We are in Metro NY and have a fairly large property (about 1 acre of lawn/garden) and currently doing a major landscaping project. As I collect bids for irrigation, what do you think would be reasonable? (And, sorry DIYers, much as I'd like to go to Lowes, Home Depot, or the local garden shop and get down and dirty, this will be professionally installed.)

The landscape designer is recommending 10 zones, with 5-6 misting heads in about 6 of the zones, fewer heads and/or rotary heads in area where the primary flora will be grass. Most of the misting heads will be on 3 foot risers. The rotaries will pop up.

How much do you think something like that would cost (in NY)? I'm trying to get a sense as I try to level bids.

Thanks everyone!

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Get two other quotes to get the feel.

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there are too many variables to consider when doing an irrigation cost estimate.
a contractor has to visually see the site and run a few basic tests to understand what he is up against in order to provide you with an apples to apples estimate.

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Again, try to get several quotes to establish what's high, low, and in between. Depending on the configuration of your yard, where and how the lines can be run, the connection to the water source, any rain sensors, etc.... it's highly site- and project-specific. If you know what brand you're using, manufacturers typically have a list of local representatives or dealers who are experienced with their specific product. That could add some weight behind any figure they come up with, but it's always good to have at least one or two others for comparison.

- Audric

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Thanks--I'll see if I can provide info that's helpful, and I'm learning a lot from these responses. I understand that everything is site specific, and I will be getting multiple bids, but I'm trying to get a sense of the parameters of what a reasonable bid is. No brand names have been mentioned or recommended.

The lot is flat; there are actually two mains that they can draw from so piping to the main(s) won't be as long as it might otherwise be. There will be 2 rain sensors. 7-8 of the zones will be for planting beds, the remaining for lawn.

Would anybody at least like to weigh in on what would be a reasonable high, medium, low, even without knowing more than this? Perhaps simply based on own experience?

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