Call duck housing

bunky(z6 OH)January 13, 2013

We have just acquired a pair of call ducks. When I picked them up the lady had
them in a coop that looked like a small house on one end and a screened run
on the other. Inside the "house" was an area for them to sleep, and in the back
was two nesting boxes which were accessable from the outside. The screened
run had a screened bottom also, and had a large dishpan for them to splash in.
The entire unit was above ground (like rabbit hutches) and was an excellent
home for these ducks, especially through the winter months. Does anyone have
something similar with plans for me to build one? It was probably about 5 to 6
foot long and maybe 1 1/2 foot wide. The idea that it could be placed near the
house so it would be accessable during the winter months sounds so good! We
have our barn but we're in the snowbelt and it gets difficult going out that far
a couple times a day to feed and water them.

Any help you have would be greatly appreciated.

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I'd like to know too, because I want to get some call ducks too, and hopefully this winter.

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topsiebeezelbub(z7 Al)

What was the floor made of? Not wire I hope. Ducks love the play in the mud.

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